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Cheap DE Blades w/ Amazing Performance


Mr. Obvious
Derby Usta worked well for me.
Euromax is another inexpensive blade that served me well. It appears Amazon only sells the single edge version now.
Lord Platinum works great for me. US$ 6 each 100 here in Brazil.

Wilkinson Sword from India, US$ 18.8 for 330 blades shipped at eBay. Or Gillette Permasharp Stainless (indian greens) from same vendor US$ 11.8 for 200 blades. Isn't everyones favorite but very good for me.

Haward Razor blades US$ 4.92 each 50 shipped from Aliexpress is also good.

BICs for me are poor's man Feathers. Amazing if paired with a mild razor. More expensive than listed above but half the price of Feathers and long lasting.
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