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Captain's Choice Lime sign up thread - at last!


The time is here, please read the following carefully.

The free lime aftershave samples will be ready to go in a few days. I wanted to start this on a Sunday to give everyone a shot at getting a free sample rather than during the week when many are at work. Frankly, the interest in samples is more than the number of free samples I can give away. Already one (very considerate) member has paid in advance in order that someone else would get a free sample. Here is how it will work.

Free samples go to the first ten to send me their address - not the first to PM me that they want one or respond in this thread that they want one. The first ten addresses PM'd to me get the free samples. I will acknowledge they are one of the first ten. After you send me your address please note in the thread that you did so - this will help others to know if they are in the first ten or not.

The best part is that samples will be available to anyone else following the first ten for $4.00 each, paypal only. This is CONUS only please (sorry my Canadian friends) due to alcohol content. Samples will not be shipped for perhaps a week. I will PM my paypal address to each of you who would like to pay for a sample but did not make the first ten responses.

This is a formulation we have spent a good deal of time and money on. It is now at the point that we need your opinion. Please feel at liberty to share right here in the thread once you get your sample (I can take it!) If you prefer you are certainly welcome to PM your feedback to me. The scent of lime is an extremely difficult one. Its very nature is that it is fleeting, it is there for a moment and gone in an instant. It is this aspect of its nature that has been so challenging.

We have purchased a number of lime scented aftershaves and tested them. They are global brands that everyone here has heard of and chemical based. Because of this they are able to ramp up the fragrances and chemicals to deliver a prominent lime note. We have no interest in a chemical based aftershave. Our formulation is much like our other two, based upon natural extracts and essential oils with grain alcohol and witch hazel as a foundation. Because of this and because of the very nature of lime, it has a more subtle scent rather than prominent. Going the natural ingredient route has taken longer but delivers a healthier offering.

Here are some questions to start you off as you review it. Please do not limit yourself to these nor should you feel like you need to answer all of them. These are just to give you some direction if you like. Please be straight forward and don't worry about any hurt feelings on my part. I am looking for candor, that is the only way we can know what the wet shaving community thinks.

1. The scent - too strong, just right, too weak?

2. The application - does it feel good, how is the sting?

3. The finish - how does your face feel after it dries down?

4. How long did the scent last for you?

5. Would you buy this product? Preliminary price would be $18.00 for the four ounce bottle, just like our other two aftershaves.

6. How can it be better?

Thank you for your willingness, we look forward to hearing what everyone thinks!
PM sent. I am always a day late and a dollar short. Please count me in for the Paypal sample. Love the Bay Rum and would be happy to be a part of helping you with the Lime AS.
I'm in for sure and will happily pay for it! A Lime AS is made for Florida summers. My GF says don't judge her but she might dab a little herself.
Happy news here guys. It looks like all samples will ship tomorrow morning! :thumbup:

Each of you should have a nice size sample for the weekend. After you have had time to evaluate please do let us all know what you think.