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Cal Ripkin Challenges - 2,632 in a Row (The hardest challenge in B&B)


These challenges were inspired by Cal Ripkin, who played in 2,632 baseball games in a row. They are in honor of everyone who does their duty every day without excuses, especially those people who don’t get noticed when they do their job well, and who get yelled at when they don’t. You know, like people who pack parachutes.

Challenges may be accepted for four items:
  1. Razor
  2. Same type of blade
  3. Brush
  4. Same type of soap
Single Setup Challenge

A shaver can accept one, two, three or four of the challenges. For instance, if a shaver accepts the razor challenge, they commit to using the same razor for 2,632 shaves in a row.

If they accept all four challenges, they may accept the Single Setup Challenge. One razor, one blade, one brush, and one soap for 2,632 shaves in a row.

Each challenge can start on different dates. The single setup challenge can’t start until the latest date.

Looking back:

If you’ve been keeping an ACCURATE record of your shaves, you may use starting dates in the past. However, things like “I’ve been using the same soap for a year” don’t qualify unless you have a written record of each shave. A “by exception” record is fine for people who shave every day or on a set schedule and keep track of exceptions.

This challenge is without mercy - rules for accepted challenges

A single razor must be used for the duration. If it breaks and can't be used or repaired, the count starts over

A single type of blade must be used for the duration. Be specific. If the blade is no longer available, and you can’t find any, the count must start over.

A single brush must be used for the duration. If it breaks and can't be repaired, the count starts over

A single type of soap must be used for the duration. If there is a reformulation, and you are out, then start over. For instance, Williams Vintage and William Modern are two different soaps.

Excuses: NONE

Breaking the streak for any reason means the streak is irrevocably broken.

These challenges are intended to teach us about accepting failure as well as celebrating success. Whatever happens, we will learn something about ourselves.

Checking in

Whatever cycle works for you. I plan on weekly. I’ll be approximating this format:

Good luck! I will not be joining you--I have 9 different soaps, 5 brushes, 4 brands of blades, and a dozen razors I like to rotate through. I'd fail out within the first week!


Thanks for the good wishes, everyone. I've been doing the soap since March. I had streak breakers for the other items, but nothing that couldn't have been avoided.

It helps that I have a serious case of MAD (Minimalist ADdiction).
I’ve done that with the soap and brush already. Always had to keep up with the latest Gillette cartridge razor.

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When all my other soaps are gone I'll be sticking to just Williams. No Ripkin challange, just Williams.

When I am home in the Philippines my wife makes me use just Williams. She looks up the price of everything when I come home. If it costs too much it magically disappears and is sold for profit.
Been there done that...shaved with a Burrell Top Flight (edit: It may have been a Kinfolks..can't really remember), Williams Soap and a Kent brush from High School thru Grad school. After that is was Dovo FB 6/8, Tabac and a Simpson Colonel for a lot of years. I'm doing the same thing now (5 years) but I take a one or two day break to use different gear. It's not impossible ......but if you are on these forums it's because your a bit of a hobbyist or collector and it runs counter to why most people log on and hang out.

I wish you luck. It's doable...For most men it was and is the norm who aren't in the online shaving world
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I'm with those who have done it, but won't again.

My single setup was:
Schick Advantage handle and blades
Omega boar brush (only one brush)
Girlfriend's homemade bar soap (not a shaving soap)

Razor and brush were unchanged for 20+ years. The soap showed up along with the girlfriend around the 13 year mark. I had no complaints.

Razor handle broke, brush got worn to a nub, I strayed to other soaps. Married the girlfriend though.

Good luck, ascetics.
I used a Gillette Fusion and Barbasol Aloe shaving cream exclusively from 2006-2017. I only shaved twice a week during the cart days. Added it up and it was only 1144 shaves in a row. That’s not even halfway through the challenge and I can’t imagine using one product for over twice that long. Granted i shave 3 times a week now but even at that rate it’s almost 17 YEARS of shaving with one product. Even shaving daily it’s over 7 years. I’d almost consider it for the razor since i only use one at home; but i travel quite a bit and it’d be too tricky to just bring the same one everywhere. Best of luck though @GaryTha!
If the Van Der Hagen razor is made of brass and since GaryTha gets many shaves from one blade, it should last for the duration. The Cremo horsehair brush I think is the weak point and might not make it. But the hardest part for this endurance challenge is the willpower. For some shavers like myself who like variety this challenge is impossible. Cal Ripkin had extraordinary willpower playing through so many injuries for so long, makes him a legend.

Brian C.

I might have to get this book. It can join my collection of books by other sports figures.

AoM; B.O.S.S.;Knight of the Veg Table;MFR2019
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