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Blade Recommendations For Gillette New Long Tooth?

I am a proud new owner of a Gillette New Long Tooth Razor Head. And of course attached to it is an absolutely beauty of a handle made by Bob. I am of the belief that for my skin I should either pair an aggressive razor with a mild blade, or a mild razor with a sharper blade. This philosophy has worked well for me so far. I am not getting the most comfortable shaves with the New, but I am working on it. My technique for this particular razor has improved, and now I am looking for the best blade choice for me. So far I have tried 7 oclock yellows, Astra SP, Bic Chrome, and Sharks. Sadly none of these have worked well. They are all sharp blades, so now I am searching for something more mild. Red IP's will be next, but I have always found them not sharp enough. Derby's also never worked for me. Any suggestions???
One suggestion: You could try using a Feather that you cork a couple of times before putting in the razor.

It took me a while to become comfortable my NEW, and I couldn't really say what it was about it that made it difficult. The handle-heavy set-up? The different feel of that long-comb head? The different corner exposure? Not sure. Like my Single Ring, it either tore up my neck, nicked, or didn't shave closely.

I, too, tried different blades and just couldn't get both a close and comfortable shave. Almost sold it. But I couldn't let go of the handle (cooncat Bob).

Then it seemed to begin to get better the more I used it/returned to it. I settled on Sharks for a long time, and now use Feathers. It is now my second-most used razor behind the Mühle R41.

So that may all just be a long-winded way of suggesting to give it more time than you think you should have to. Maybe the relationship will just all come together one day as it did for me.
Have you tried the Thai Gillette Super Thins. I find them a bit sharper and almost as smooth as the RP Israeli Personnas.

This morning I had a great shave with my long comb NEW with a Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Platinum (Black). I have also used Silver Star, Timor, Gillette Super Thins, Astra SP, Iridiums, and Voskhod blades in that set up with great success.

I would make yourself a nice sampler pack of blades and have fun going through them.
I like my British NEW with a Kai, Shark SC or Blue-Bird. My favorite, however, is the Kai.

I will admit to using a Feather now and then simply because I have a few as part of a PIF. Strange, but it seems that of all my DE razors the Feather works best in my British NEW. So well, in fact, that I just might convince myself to keep some of these on hand just for my NEW.



For me, the following work superbly in my English Gillette New long-comb two piece:

1) Feathers

2) Iridium Supers

3) Russian Gillette 7 O'Clock Sharpedge

These razors are excellent shavers !

Have fun !

Best regards

The Gillette yellows were the best so far. But I have been concentrating on finding a milder blade for it. Maybe kneed to stick with the sharper blades and really work on my technique with this razor. I have all but given up on Feathers,corked or not. Maybe I will give one a try today and see how it goes.
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