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Blackland Blackbird - Finish Options

I completely agree with this!

All razors should be shiny and the relative advantage of one razor over another is how well it is polished while still staying in spec.

I'm not a fan of the bead blasted/matte look. RazoRock's chemical polishing + light buffing is a better option for a minimally destructive finish. At least it looks almost shiny.

Straight off the lathe shouldn't leave the factory!

That's why we provide options. It's all personal taste.
I'm looking at the brass satin finish. I Have the OverLander in brass and I polished the cap only...gave me a "two-toned" appearance which I like. Also the satin finish MAY be less slippery than the polished although I personally have not found this to be true.
Now the Lambda Athena comes polished with a small satin grip area on the handle, it's also Bronze and is simply gorgeous.
Does the finish change the way it glides?
Some say it does and some it doesn't... I'm in the doesn't camp in regards to finish. I've had polished, machined, and satin in different razors and noticed no difference. The only time I felt something remote I actually found my lather was off at the time.
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