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FS Blackland Blackbird Ti and Tatara Nodachi Ti (Masamune handle)

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Listing two outstanding razors that are ready to join a new shaver's den. I have shifted back to a focus on SE razors and my tastes have evolved on the DE side. So these two just aren't receiving the attention they deserve. All prices include CONUS shipping with tracking and PayPal G&S fees.


❤️‍🔥 Blackland Blackbird Ti ❤️‍🔥

I am the original owner and razor presents as new. The Blackbird is a reference razor that delivers highly effective BBS. Currently unavailable from Blackland in this configuration. Priced here at a meaningful discount and ready to ship. Set includes:

🔹 Blackland Blackbird Ti [satin finish]
🔹 Original box



😍 Tatara Nodachi Ti (Masamune handle) 😍

Purchased New In Box from a trusted forum member here. Lightly used and presents as new. This razor offers excellent fit and finish with sublime maneuverability, thanks in part to the Masamune handle. When compared to the Blackbird Ti, this razor delivers a slight increase in efficiency, with reduced blade feel. Set includes:

🔹 Tatara Nodachi Ti (Masamune handle)
🔹 Original cork "box" and outer sleeve
🔹 3 Feather DE blades



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