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Best range bag for pistols

After several years of wear I need a new range bag ,my last one was over 20 years old and things have changed quite a bit. I am looking for something to carry 4 pistols -2 semi automatic and 2 wheel guns plus all the necessary ammo and stuff you need. So what's good and bad that is out there? I looked at a bunch of stuff at a LGS and wasn't all that impressed. Not looking to break the bank, but looking for something that will hold up..
For pistols, I’ve been using a $45 US Peacekeeper bag for the last 8-9 years.

Other than a goofy flap on top, it holds everything needed to accommodate 3-4 pistols in rugs, eyes and ears for 2 shooters, and about a dozen magazines, loose ammo boxes, a shooting cap, etc.

So far, it has held up well, the zippers in particular.
Not sure about bags as I just use the supplied pistol rugs but for cases I've been looking at the Nanuk stuff. Their 4UP might fit the bill but it is spendy.
Bagmaster is not impressive to look at but their stuff is really well built and lasts a long time. If you are really wanting to make sure they hold up and don’t break down leading to pistol sliding out and getting damaged definitely check them out.

The range I worked at years ago sold a BLACHAWK! Range bag that I thought was too good to be true at the price point. I’ve been using it as my primary range bag (1 of 3) and it continues to be wonderful. It may have cost me $25 with our discount and maybe $39 retail.

I will say it now due to a recent event. Avoid PLANO bags. I had a very pricy lever action hit the ground mag tube first onto concrete when a rifle bag failed. This looked to be a nice rifle bag to boot, but the rubber sleeve at the muzzle end fell off as the rifle shifted and it kept going to the ground. Thankfully no notable damage, but I won’t trust that brand any longer.
I got one of the Midway offerings mentioned up thread. It easily handles 4 handguns and lots of ammo and accessories. Even came with a nice brass bag. It's been serving me well now for a few years.
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