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best price for box of 100 shark super chrome ?

Would anyone happen to know where you can purchase a box of 100 shark super chrome blades at a good price?
Thank you and have a great shave
Thanks Brian.
Its the SUPER CHROMES that i am looking for.
The stainless steel ones are good also but the super chromes are a little more expensive and not that easy to find at a cheap price.
Go here http://www.bestgroomingtools.com looks like you can order 20 packs with 5 blades per pack for 85 cents per pack, but the best deal appears to be http://www.westcoastshaving.com as their price is $16.00 for 100 blades. I also suggest you throw in a few Lord Super Chrome Razor Blades as they are the manufacture of the Shark Blades and they are made at the same plant in Egypt. Order two or three packs of the Lord and see how they compare. The Shark Super Chrome is one of my go to blades and I tried the Lord Super Chrome and Platinum and feel they are pretty much the same blades. That is just my opinion.
Thanks Facetime and i have also bought from howard1616 great stuff.
Tom that is something i didn't know got to try the Lords.
Thanks again guys.
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