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Best fragrance for a manly man?

I'm in the "same boat" - 46, married guy, kids in late teens.

The ones that come to mind, on top of my head:

Dior Eau Sauvage (the original 1966 one, not the "Sauvage" they've launched a few years back)
Creed Original Vetiver / Green Irish Tweed
Davidoff Cool Water (this basically smells the same as Creed GIT)

If you're after that kind of fresh, no nonsense, real man scent, these will do you justice.

I would also give a try to Stirling Sharp Dressed Man product line. Their soaps are one of the best artisan soaps available and the SDM smells exactly like Creed GIT. They also offer an alcohol based traditional splash A/S, A/S balm with witch hazel and the EDT of the same fragrance. Very reasonably priced, cheap TBH.

The Knize

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I have one new to me to add to this list. I am not sure I am manly enough to wear it! Rhinoceros by Zoologist Perfumes.

Trumper’s Eucris.
Great one for this list. I am not sure I am manly enough to wear that one either!
Don't know if these have been mentioned before (I'm new here) but...

Couer de Noir by Beaufort London is a very masculine fragrance. As is Iron Duke (same house).

Celtic Fire (if you can find it) by Union.

El Cosmico by DS & Durga.

Fumidus by Profumum.

And a classic (although it works for women too) --Eau du Fier by Annick Goutal

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
I'm 44 years old. I'm a family man. I'm a Lawyer but I'm mostly an outdoor type...hunting, fishing, farming, wood chopping kind of a guy. I'm very traditional.
I want a fragrance that is endearing, not sexy. Manly, not teenager. I may even prefer old man smell at the risk of ever smelling like a teenager or pimp.
I love my Speick Aftershave but it doesn't last. Same with Pinaud Clubman. I'm thinking of getting the EDT in Speick. I just finished my Victorinox cologne but it was too fleeting. What do you recommend? Also, where is the best place to 1) Get good deals - such as when I bought a new tester of my Victorinox off Ebay. Not all scents are sold that way. 2) Where is a good place to buy sample sizes? If you can't tell, I'm into spending like $50 or less per bottle if possible.
Nothing beats bay rum and no bay rum beats this one...


It probably comes in an EDT or a cologne but I find the splash long lasting in a subtle way.

I have tried a good many bay rums. To me this is leagues above the others (and I like them just fine). Over the decades I've worn bay rum more than any other scent. I recall it being the only splash my father had around, but I wear it only because I like it, and not because of any memories of the scent from childhood (I think).

Of course, splashes and scents are very much subjective.


AABR is not expensive in the small bottle, and it's a better deal in the "refills" jug (after you know you like it).

Happy shaves,

Tabac is great. I'm saying that as a 25 year old man, most of my generation hates that kind of scents. I even got a compliment from an older lady after showering with Nivea Men Rock salts (or something like that) and after that applying Nivea Men Deep Black Carbon Amazonia deo spray (what a name).
I want a fragrance that is endearing, not sexy. Manly, not teenager. I may even prefer old man smell at the risk of ever smelling like a teenager or pimp.
For someone who wants to spend $50 or less, and likes the outdoors, I'd recommend:

  • Brut
  • Old Spice
  • Aspen - both aquatic & green scents, fragrance forums compare this to Creed GIT (which is way more then $50), probably more of a match than my next suggestion,
  • Davidoff Cool water
  • Ogallala Bay Rum
  • Geo F Trumper Spanish Leather - not a motorcycle jacket leather, more like a classic saddle leather with musky notes. Great combination of floral and animalic, hits the points you want of manly but not overtly sexy.
Look into a sample of Shannon's Soaps "Lit". I was chiding her about the manly scent - that it reminded me of the scent of the deteriorating Oil-soaked Asphalt & Gravel parking lot at Lincoln Electric in Cleveland, where my Father-in-Law worked years ago. Otherwise, Anything Else Shannon Makes is more appropriately Manly!

South Dakota Guy

I am surprised that no one has mentioned Pre de Provence No 63. I love this scent and so does my wife. Seriously it always put her in the mood and I don't mean for cleaning the house! The EDT is only about $25 on Amazon for a 100ml bottle.

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