Best fragrance for a manly man?

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    I'm 44 years old. I'm a family man. I'm a Lawyer but I'm mostly an outdoor type...hunting, fishing, farming, wood chopping kind of a guy. I'm very traditional.
    I want a fragrance that is endearing, not sexy. Manly, not teenager. I may even prefer old man smell at the risk of ever smelling like a teenager or pimp.
    I love my Speick Aftershave but it doesn't last. Same with Pinaud Clubman. I'm thinking of getting the EDT in Speick. I just finished my Victorinox cologne but it was too fleeting. What do you recommend? Also, where is the best place to 1) Get good deals - such as when I bought a new tester of my Victorinox off Ebay. Not all scents are sold that way. 2) Where is a good place to buy sample sizes? If you can't tell, I'm into spending like $50 or less per bottle if possible.
  1. Aramis.
  2. Alfred Sung pour l'homme

    Try fragranceX. Good prices and they sell testers fairly inexpensively.
  3. I began to go through some of the same starting a few years ago. Last year was the year I figured things out. The big thing to wrap your head around is that department store fragrances are almost all unisex these days. Not all, but most...even the ones branded for men. I solved that particular issue by beginning to look for designer fragrances that were designed for men in 1980 or before AND niche fragrances. Preferably much earlier. Here are my favorites that I have added to my wardrobe over the years that are 100% for manly men:


    - Guerlain Vetiver (fresh Vetiver designed in 1961..worn by JFK)
    - Givenchy Les Parfums Mythiques Monsieur de Givenchy (Lemon, lemon verbena...designed in 1959)
    - Givenchy Les Parfums Mythiques Xeryus (clary sage, oakmoss and patchouli...designed in 1986)
    - Lalique Encre Noire (dark smoky vetiver and cedar)


    - Floris Santal (sandalwood, lavendar, vanilla)
    - Floris No 89 (citrus, neroli, rose..launched in 1951)
    - Floris Special 127 (bergamot, white flowers, lang ylang...launched in 1890)
    - Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet (lime and pine...launched in 1902)
    - Penhaligon's Castile (classic Neroli and citrus)
    - Diptyque Tam Dao (Sandalwood, cedar, cracked pepper)
    - Comme des Garcons Monocle "Hinoki" (straight Hinoki wood ... like an ancient Japanese temple)
    - Comme des Garcons Monocle "Laurel" (straight bay leaf, pepper and wood.
    - Houbigant Fougere Royale

    Of all these fragrances, the ones that are MOST manly are Lalique Encre Noire, Guerlain Vetiver, Pen Blenheim Bouquet, Diptyque Tam Dao and the two CdG Monocle scents.The niche brands are all fairly expensive (but IMO worth it), but Encre Noire and Guerlain Vetiver can be had for $30-ish dollars for 100ml.

    Best places to buy samples/decants from (that I have used myself) are "Surrender to Chance" and "Luckyscent".

    Best of luck and let us know how it goes.
  4. naughtilus

    naughtilus Contributor

    Got $10? Aspen by Coty

  5. B-M Beaudelaire EdT sounds right up your alley.
  6. You should be able to find many that will suit your wishes with a little research. I'll start with four off the top of my head. First three are Creeds, Royal Oud, Green Irish Tweed, Bois du Portugal and Penhaligon's Satorial. I'm going to add a fifth one, vintage Davidoff Zino.
  7. Kouros by YSL. Little more that 50 but well worth it. Very business and manly. Lasts 16+ hrs on me. YMMV. Wife insists I keep it in stock, fine with me! Been my go to for years.
  8. Fleeting to whom?

    My understanding is once the brain identifies a scent and if it doesn't represent a threat, the brain parks it, ignores it so as not to create a traffic jam for new incoming scents that may represent a threat/danger.
  9. martym

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    Stirling Soap Co.
    They have lots of samples and the descriptions of their scents are spot on.
    You will find one you are looking for.
    I guarantee!!
  10. WD 40

    ok jk
    but i think its a ymmv situation because what is manly to one may not be to another. Also i only have 2 edt now but i wear them because i like the scent.
  11. I too am a 44-year-old lawyer! I recommend Bois du Portugal from Creed. It checks all of your boxes, and it is one of my all-time favorites. Unfortunately, it is quite pricy. Deals can be had on fragrancenet, fragrancex, and other discounters. You could also just buy a decant from a trusted seller. A cheaper alternative is Guerlain Heritage. It is not quite as good IMHO, but it is still fantastic and quite a bit cheaper. Good luck!
  12. Several years ago I bought Creed Green Irish Tweed for 125. Can't find it online for that now. Loved it. I get just as many compliments from Carlo Corinto Classic and it lasts much longer. Been using that since 1984. Less than 40 bucks. Not knocking Creed, I just wish I could afford it now.
  13. naughtilus

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    Aspen smells same as GIT and CW on the dry-down to my nose. No point in buying GIT ever again.
  14. I personally like strong scents in aftershave splashes that persist. Though not the best during the hot months of the year, I typically push it and wear these well into the spring. JMHO

    Avon Oland
    Clubman Special Reserve
    Aqua Velva Musk
    WSP Sandalwood
  15. Armaf Club de Nuit.....right up in the Aventus zone....but way cheaper.
  16. +1
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    I'm a big fan of Bois Du Portugal and find it very masculine but pleasant. Some others I like
    Faberge Woodhue for men (vintage and can be pricey, but this is the scent of Dean Martin and smells very masculine to me)
    Guerlain makes some great scents I like Habit Rouge (very outdoorsy scent to me) and Jicky (which is technically for women, but Sean Connery and Michael Caine can't both be wrong, at least not at the same time).
    Clubman Special Reserve is great and very powerful. I mix it with English Leather and Clubman Classic Vanilla for a really great leather scent.

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