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Best fragrance for a manly man?

Kouros by YSL. Little more that 50 but well worth it. Very business and manly. Lasts 16+ hrs on me. YMMV. Wife insists I keep it in stock, fine with me! Been my go to for years.
I personally like English Leather, the old formula. But, the misses insists that I wear Kouros. She never seems to tire of it and when I get low, anew bottle magically appears. I had no idea what it cost until I saw this thread.
Stuff that I have been using over the years and keep coming back to, in no particular order:

AdG (the original white bottle one)
YSL Kouros
Dior Eau Sauvage (the original one, from the '60s, not to be confused with modern day Sauvage)
Dior Fahrenheit
Aramis Havana
Davidoff Cool Water
Guerlain Vetiver

Got to say, I've got a flanker of the new AdG Profundo and it's sensational.

Of the fragrances that directly match my soaps and aftershaves, I have HUGE praise for SV EDPs, Opuntia and Desert Vetiver specifically.
This kind of post always cracks me up. Like we all know what someone means by a manly man (is there a definition somewhere?), and that there is a smell attached to whatever that definition might be.

Good stuff.

We all have different takes on what it means to be a manly man. Heck, most of the really manly men would probably laugh at the idea of wearing a cologne, EDT, or parfum. Heck, they may even find the idea of using aftershave to be too effeminate. Yet, here are all these folks trying to identify a manly man smell. 😆

FWIW, what's manly for some may not be manly for others. Roses are found in a number of manly fragrances, bit I find them feminine and even matronly. I love the smell of lavender, but don't consider it to be masculine, necessarily.

Some scents I tend to associate with men tend to be woods, leather, smoke, and tobacco. But that doesn't mean these are the only masculine scents out there. Some folks include lavender and roses in their palette of masculine scents.

Many/most fragrances layer or blend various scent notes. Does the addition of a single masculine scent note to other non-masculine scent notes make that fragrance masculine? Does the addition of a non-masculine scent note to a list of masculine scent notes make it not masculine?

Rather than worrying about what smells like a manly man, try different fragrances and see what you like and what works with your personal skin chemistry. If you're not sure, browse through sites like Fragrantica and Basenotes. They may not be the end-all-be-all of fragrances, but at least they can help you begin to understand different scents and fragrances.
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