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Beer of the Day - BOTD - 2022

Off topic... how are you holding up over there @CongaJon?
What a weird winter! The roofs are almost clear (Yes, we worry about that, with rain in the forecast) and it's currently 47 degrees, at 11 PM. We actually only got about 3 feet in this last one, but thank you for asking! Every bit of unexpected warmth helps, after this week's $850 fuel oil bill. Maybe I could convert the burner to single malt. Cheaper! And the smell, oh the smell...

BTW, on topic, I thoroughly enjoyed a Copper City Belgian Quad tonight. Was hanging in the house making a sign for a coffee station, so it was kind of an afterthought, so no pics. Now I'm nursing a Manhattan with Jim Beam 100, Vermouth, Molasses and Hazelnut bitters and a little Sazerac Rye.


CSBW is what I tongue in cheek call my homebrew and wine operation. Coffee is brewed, right? Sappy, I know. It's Walnut veneer, going on a small piece of Laki wood, attached to an old washboard I restored. Well, that's a lot more than you bargained for.

A happy New Year to all!!! You are truly a great bunch of guys.

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