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Beer of the Day - BOTD - 2022

Needed a big one on this lovely evening! Somehow, hanging in the shed seems more fun on nights like this. I'm not sure if it's because it's entirely of my own creation, or what.

The Porter is really tasty, if a tad sweet. It rings in at 11%.

This is our second one of these already this year. Was 44 degrees at lunchtime, now it's 6 degrees and snowing with a HOWLING wind. Buffalo has Lake Erie, we have Ontario.
There was a certain richness missing. Expected a touch more chocolate, a little more intense spice, a heavier mouth feel. There are many Christmas stouts that outperform it. Makes me yearn for Xocoveza, which i haven’t had a few years running now.

I think Untappd agrees.
Hmmm... odd. Maybe look for that Snow on the Maple Tree stout from Clown Shoes? As I recall, that one worked pretty well.
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