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Beer of the Day - BOTD - 2022


ATF. I use all three.
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I’ll start this off. First beer of the year for me.


My elbows leak
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A lot of oatmeal stouts are being released locally, which is good because I'm a sucker for 'em.....
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From Insight Brewing, Minneapolis. 8.2%, rich, roasty. creamy goodness. Available on nitro in the taproom, but I won't be wandering downtown to try it.
New Holland Brewing (Holland Michigan) makes an outstanding Oatmeal Stout. The Poet, 5.8 ABV

Pernicious Weed, a IPA weighing in at an impressive 8%, and with a heady passionfruit and citrus aroma and a resinous punch to the palate! BOOM! 💣 The name?

The arrival of hops to the brewing scene in England in the 1500s led to a moral panic, hops were described as 'a Wicked, & Pernicious Weed', feared to bring the downfall of civilized society. Thankfully, they were right.

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