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Beer of the Day - BOTD - 2022

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Thumbprint Series Weizen Doppelbock from New Glarus. Excellent! I was worried about getting blasted by the banana/clove effect characteristic with weizens, but it was very subtle, well incorporated with the malt of the doppelbock. Rich. frothy head with nice lacing on the glass. Easy drinking and full-bodied. I've gotta pick up some more....
That looks quite tasty, Don.
Schremser Vienna I. P. @ 4.8 ABV

This must by a hybrid. It says unfiltered bottom fermented Vienna Lager but it’s chock full of Cascade and tastes like a Pale Ale.



Not a style I seek; can't remember the last time I reviewed an IPA, but it was from the BIL and I'll never turn down a freebie. Got me through one of those annoying "honey do" jobs the other night. It was good. Took a couple of swallows, and it settled into a bold offering with a lot of Belgian trippel traits. Malt and pineapple, with the hops providing a black pepper note. Reminded me of Tank 7.


Oliphant Brewing is run by a couple of oddballs. If you don't believe me, visit their website....

After hacking through the wax seal, I discovered a doppelbock with a note of raisin on the nose and the palate. Moderate warming from the bourbon barrel. 9%. Don't think it was worth the price I paid. but in the spirit of "Merry Christmas," "Ho Ho Ho" and all that jazz, I don't mind supporting my local breweries.
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