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Bar soap that doesn't dry skin?

One thing that frustrates me after a shower is dry skin. Currently I use that Gilettte hydrating gel, it keeps me somewhat moisturized during the shower but not to long after I get out. I ordered a bar of nancy boy signature soap in hopes that the natural ingredient's will assist in this.

Anyone have any other reccomendations?
Savon de Marseille soap is great, and extremely long lasting, although you generally have to order it online.

Dr. Bronner's bar soaps are also wonderful, and are generally available at local stores.
Kind of wish I asked first now instead of just going ahead and buying that Nancy Boy :001_rolle Owell I think I will try out that L'Amande in due time.
Does the high quality soap still leave behind a film? I don't seem to have trouble with a soap bar drying out my skin, but I HATE the sticky tacky kinda film that gets left behind for a while...
Kind of wish I asked first now instead of just going ahead and buying that Nancy Boy :001_rolle Owell I think I will try out that L'Amande in due time.

I find the descriptions and reviews of L'Amande confusing. The front of the wrapper says "agli olii vegetali" which translates from Italian to English as "vegetable oil".

An Amazon reviewer at the first link in my above post says he likes L'Amande because:
... regular "soaps" (sodium tallowate-based soaps) leave my skin dry and itchy.

The second link in my post describes it as:
... a natural, vegetable based soap ...

But the bars I have (which I bought from the second link) show very first ingredient to be Sodium Tallowate. Here is the full list:

  • Sodium Tallowate
  • Sodium Cocoate
  • Prunus Dulces
  • PEG 90
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Citric Acid
  • Sodium Gluconate
Kind of wish I asked first now instead of just going ahead and buying that Nancy Boy :001_rolle Owell I think I will try out that L'Amande in due time.

Nancy Boy soaps seem to be well-liked around here (though I haven't tried them myself) so I don't think you will regret that decision. :smile:
Dr. Bronners (any type) of bar soap is excellent and available at your local WholeFoods (or other organic supermarket that carries toiletries) It is WIDELY available, which is nice.
I am a big fan of the "South of France" soaps. This is my favorite. I use it before heading to bed at night...followed by some Nivea lotion.

The bars are huge and last a very long time. :thumbup1:

Shea Butter soap

been there, I tried probably 10+ different soaps until settling on one:

- 3 x Dr Bronners Bar (Almond, Peppermint, Lavender)
- 2 x Dr Bronners Liquid (Almond, Peppermint)
- 3 x Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil, Lavender, Chamomille
- 2 x Tom's of Maine (Unscented, Lemon Grass)
- Chandrika Ajuveric
- Neolia
- Olivella Unscented
- Regular Olivella
- Burt Bees Citrus Ginger Gel
- Burt Bees Shea/Milk Gel
- Desert Essence Tea Tree Soap
- Jason Lavender Liquid

The two that worked with my skin (YMMV)
- Olivella Unscented
- Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil
these two don't leave my skin dry or itchy. I like to use Dr Bronners liquid soaps once in a while, but they leave my skin a bit dry
Some three month back my wife and I switched completely to Dr Bronners soap, both the bars and the liquid ones. Great stuff for a very good price, the best prices I found at "Vitacost", like three bars for some $7. Saw it this weekend in our local health food store as well. We used to use the Dove bars and a liquid detergent for hand washing. I bought some foaming dispensers and mix about a 1/3 - 1/2 oz of liquid Dr Bronners with water to 16 oz. and we use this for our hand washing in bath rooms and kitchen - works like a charm!
There are no "soaps" that don't dry the skin somewhat, because in doing their job they strip the skin of natural oils. (If they didn't, you wouldn't feel "clean.")

Only a non-soap bar can truly be non-drying. Cetaphil is probably the best one out there.

By the way, it's the world's most boring product. No scent, terrible "feel" on the skin. But it does wash off the dirt without drying the skin.
A good handmade bar of cold process soap with a moderate coconut oil content. Olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter are all good things to look for. Keep in mind that soapmaking is an art and there's a huge variety out there.

+1. I came here to say something similar. There's a wide variety of cold-process bath soaps out there, and surely one of them will be moisturizing enough for you.

I hear eyebright makes some good soaps... :smile:
Every Winter I go through pretty dry skin. I've found Bronner's liquid to be extremly drying; haven't used the soap.

So my top two winter picks:

Bee & Honey (from vitacost.com) Ginseng


Green Mountain Soap (gmsoap.com I think)
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I like the Yardley of London soap, especially the Natural Oatmeal and Almond version. They also have Lavender, Aloe Vera, and Lemon Verbena. They sell for about $1.50 at Walgreen's, but Dollar Tree has them for $1 each. They do a nice job of moisturizing but still leaving my skin feeling clean. They are tallow based.
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