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345 Soap Company soap/aftershave combination contributed to a fantastic shave.

I had an awesome wet shave experience this morning using the Aces over 8s shave soap and aftershave made by 345 Soap Company based in Colorado. This soap easily created a mountain of slick, lubricating, and hydrating lather from an almond sized scoop of soap Next time, I'll use less soap and will still get a large amount of this quality lather for a three pass shave. In effect this means my soap container will last longer and lower the effective cost of each shave. My RazoRock BBS "A" Stainless Steel DE razor easily glided over my sensitive skin while 'mowing down' the stubble leaving a bbs result. My face felt great with my skin hydrated, and even better after applying the Aces over 8s aftershave that closed the pores and soothed my skin. To top it off the masculine aroma caught my wife's attention with her telling me how nice it smelled. She doesn't often comment when I've finished my morning routine, so I realized that my appreciation of the aroma was spot on. Now my search for more 345 Soap Company products will commence.

Has anyone else tried these awesome shave products from 345 Soap Company? If not give them a try. You won't be disappointed.
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