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Back Roads Gold re-plated Gillette 195

This 195 belonged to my father in law, he gave me this and a few other of his old razors many years ago. He was a wonderful man who I loved and admired deeply. It is an F1, so first quarter of 1960, and my wife is an F3 so this razor is very, very special to me. I recently decided to have it refurbished so off it went to Chris at Back Roads Gold, and as you can see in the first three pictures it was definitely showing its age. He remembered liking it and using it quite a lot. I opted for the mirror nickel finish and it came out spectacular, Chris does amazing work and the turnaround is very quick. I mailed it on 8-23 and it was delivered to me today, 9-1, and you can keep up with the progress on the website.

Anyhoo, here are the before pictures:

And here is the finished product:
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