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Back Roads Gold re-plated Gillette 195


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Thanks, and yeah it is gorgeous. I kind of debated leaving it in its original condition but I’m really glad I decided to have it done.
My friend, I would wager that it is in better condition than when it "rolled off the line." Truly beautiful, and you are a blessed man. It's no small accomplishment to be with the same wife in today's werld! And to have a Father in Love like yours is a double blessing. I miss my wife's Dad as much as my own. I have lived a most fortunate life.


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Wow! That's sweet.
I've got a nice candidate that looks like a clunker and I'm thinking of going for gold.
Well @HoosierTrooper , I did it. :ouch1:
Should be here today -- this is the razor as shown by Backroads.

That is really beautiful. And the turn around time and cost were both very good. IMO.
I have collected 1 fatboy from each of the 4 years. All in cases. 3 are mint-ish condition and I think that the fatboy was a great design.

I know that I have another fatboy that was refinished in platinum, but I can't find it. It's lost in my house. Someday I will find it. I bought it to use for shaving, rather than to just look at. But do you think that I can find it ?

Very nice razor indeed
Thats magnificent, my Dad used a British Gillette Rocket Flare-Tip. he dies 30 years ago; we don't know what happened to his razor. If it ever turns up, I will definitely have it refurbished.

Use your razor, it will give you so much pleasure.
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