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roughrider said:
I think I saw something on CNN awhile ago. American soldiers in Iraq were getting haircuts. After the haircut, the Iraqi barbers used heat from small controlled flames to burn the ear hair and such. They did it very quickly. I'm guessing it’s sort of like when you're BBQ'n or cooking something and the heat just burns some of the hair on your hands and fingers.
This used to be a part of the full treatment when youreceived a singe.. My barber used a wax straw most effectively. It did away with ingrowns and other problems associated with the use of scissors, etc.
ShaveLine said:
I recently added the "Facts" section on that page, copied from here.

It was my very first Wikipedia edit.

At the same time, I discovered B&B.
Welcome to B&B, Shaveline.

Those are some very interesting facts.
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