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arko shaving cream vs proraso -share your experiences plz

for anyone who has tried both arko shaving creams and proraso shaving creams can you compare the two?

also is arko shaving cream available in retail stores? i'm located near valleyfair mall, stoneridge mall, newpark mall, the great mall, concord, pleasanton, san francisco, milpitas, etc
well, Arko to me is Arko, it's my favorite shaving line in cream and soap as everyone knows. Proraso is another super shaving line as well, I'm not about to kick it out of my rotation, because I enjoy it also very much. I find Arko creams and the soap, especially the Arko Cool and Sensitive creams are richer latherers than Proraso, certainly smell nicer, and have more moisturizing as well, and offer more skincare. The cylinder soap from Arko is definitely a richer lathereing soap than Proraso soap, and for those who like a cooling effect, Arko Moist cream gives a pleasant one, and there's even a trace of a cooling effect in Arko Sensitive. Proraso's advantage over Arko is it's much, much more easily available in North America.

is it really hard to find where i'm around?

if so where should i order it online seeing as its like $8 bux cheaper than proraso
I have the arko moist, the mentholated. This is the only arko I've tried to date, and I can't stand it. The smell is horrible, it's a cross of indian food and medicine. I febreezed my brush to get the smell off. Proraso however is quite nice stuff. The next time I clean out my closet this stuff is trash. Maybe other styles of arko are better...
I prefer the Arko over Proraso. I think the Eucalyptus from the Proraso is a bit too overbearing for me. I've tried both the Commando and Sensitive and I think they're both great. I need to try them more often, but I have several others in the rotation that there doesn't seem to be enough shaves to get through them all in a timely fashion.
Although I still have a very high regard for Arko, I started to find fault with several of the creams, for example the Cool and Lemon scented ones. The Cool is not cooling at all, and the Lemon smells like soap. The Moist cream is moderately mentholated, and not as rich in lather as the other Arko creams.

I haven't tried the ARKO but the Proraso is good for a newbie because it's good to learn how to lather with. It has high water tolerance. Of course after you learn to lather you want to try other soaps and creams. I used it exclusively for 2 years before I found this board. I once spent 20 bucks on ZIRH at the Bay but right after I went back to the cheaper Proraso.
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