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"aramis" Badger Brush?

Has anyone any experience with an "aramis" brush?

It was given to me by may dad's SO, and she's been using it as a caera brush since before her divorce several years ago.

On the bottom is stamped:

aramis (Logo)
Shaving Brush
Pure Badger
Made in U.S.A.

It's a nice heavy plastic(?) handle in a reddish-brown translucent color. Seems to be shedding a little (tried shampooing it), and is fairly thin on bristles.

I'm thinking about dropping in a new knot. Thoughts?

(Sorry about the phone-cam pic - will get better shots later.)
The handle looks really nice. If I were you, I'd send it to Bernd (Shavemac) and have him put a new knot in it or, if you're up to it, get a Golden Nib knot and do it yourself.
That was my plan, to clean it out and put a new know in. I have an old Ever-Ready also, although it's got a few chips and scratches, and will be re-knotting that one as well.

I guess it's about time to place an order for knots! :)
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