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    E55C3A9A-ED19-476C-ADDF-85E2A712D408.jpeg I set a 24mm gelousy fan knot in a handle I have as a test run. I didn’t pay attention to the loft height or anything like that. Just siliconed the handle and threw it in. The knot has some serious gel tips and the tips hold a lot of water. It’s unbelievably soft. I think the current configuration of the handle that I have is drilled at 15mm and it’s pretty floppy. I like it but it could probably be set a little lower.

    Lost about 3 hairs on the first shave so normal shedding for a first use. I’m probably going to order more for my other brush handles. I didn’t find the knot as dense as the Maggards SHD. Here’s a pic of the knot after the shave during the dry down.
  1. I ordered one of the gelousy 28mm bulb knots that I am wanting for. I am glad to see you got yours and like it. It looks good but sorry its floppy. I will have to set mine deep enough to take the flop out. I do love gel tips though.
    Happy shaves
  2. Get a load of those tips - wow! Looking forward to other impressions but this is sounding like a purchase I just need to go on and lock in. I've had nothing but synthetics so this would be my first animal based brush. Was just going to get their SynBad until I saw these beauties pop up.
  3. Holy cow, this Gealousy knot is amazing. Having never experienced gel tips on a badger brush before, I’m blown away by the feel of this thing. Really cool...unbelievably soft, yet good backbone (I don’t find mine floppy at all). I will tell you, though, if you’re trying to decide between the 24mm and 28mm....unless they sent me the wrong size by mistake, the 24mm that I got is a HUGE knot. If I were doing it over, I’d be tempted to go with the 22mm instead. I know some posters have talked about buying the Gealousy knot to set in their own handle, but I bought the full brush with the limited edition faux horn beehive handle, and I really like the handle as well as the knot. Just a fantastic brush so far.
  4. To put it in perspective, the Thater “Funf” butterscotch beehive 2 band fan on the LEFT is a 26mm, and the new APShave Gealousy SHD 2 band fan on the RIGHT is supposed to be 24mm.

    Like I said, it’s a BIG knot......

  5. Big and beautiful
  6. Wow that looks good, I can't wait to get mine set so I can see for myself. I love gel tips.
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  7. Yes, she is!
  8. Is it skritchy?
  9. Not one bit.
  10. I got my gelousy 28mm bulb and just put it in my craving shaving handle to see what height I want to glue it in at. I did two hand lathers and wow is it awesome and the gel is extreme. Will be using it in the morning.
    20190913_231130.jpg 20190913_213432.jpg
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  11. Nice handle
    So no break in needed?
  12. Absolutely not as far as the softness of the knot but there is a little bit of smell to it. I will post my thoughts on it tomorrow after I put it on my face.
    Happy shaves
  13. Sure please do
    While I was thinking about it, since I'm not completely happy with SilkSmoke knot, the handle got sold out

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