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    I'm on a bit of a synthetic brush spree. I purchased the three knots offered by APSHAVE CO. And sunk them into whipped dog handles. I must say for all the well deserved talk about the tuxedo knot I think I like the cashmere the best. If you haven't already tried it you owe it to yourself to do so. The cashmere has tips as soft or softer than the tuxedo with less backbone, splays a little easier. The synthetic horse hair is no slouch eather.

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  1. Thanks for posting! I have a cashmere on the way that I'm going to set into a custom handle - I'm excited to shave with it. Have you face lathered with the cashmere?
  2. Thanks for your thoughts on the 3 knots from APShaveCo... I recently put the Tuxedo in an Omega handle that I never liked the knot in it. I was tempted by the Cashmere knot but I'm not too crazy about real floppy knots in general. I think the Tuxedo has an almost perfect balance of scritch / splay balance to it with a 56-58mm loft. I have a Maggards Synthetic that has a very fair amount of splay to it and I really have to pay attention when using it or the bathroom pays the price!!
  3. I'm about to embark on my first brush making experience. I have a 22mm Maggard that's about to go into an old black VDH boar handle, a Cashmere that doesn't have a handle lined up yet, and a Tuxedo that is going into a handle I just commisioned from a guy a couple of towns away. He's new to the scene, but his brushes look really nice, and since he's local, I decided to give him a shot.

    Once I get all three knots set, I'll come back and weigh in on the Cashmere vs Tuxedo vs Plissoft arguments.
  4. Any chance that handle is from wild west brushworks? He's new to the scene and in AZ. I just got a handle from him and I love it - waiting for my Cashmere knot to arrive and then I'll set it into that handle.
  5. Yep. Came across his stuff on etsy and really liked some of the colors he was using. I was originally planning to just reknot a couple of brushes I already have. Then I came across Mathew Marting's YouTube video on why The Brushguy doesn't do reknots. Decided that was too much work and decided to just procure a couple of new handles instead...
  6. I hope you will post pics when you get everything finished.
  7. Yes, I only face lather. I really enjoy it, hope you do to.
  8. What is the source of that horse knot ? great trio.
  9. All three of the knots shown by the op are from APShave Co - here is a link to his Etsy storefront.
    Unique Synthetic Knots by APShaveCo
  10. So, let's hear the feedback now that some of you have had the chance to learn the ins and outs of this cashmere phenomenon!
  11. I have put all three into different restorations. I really would have a hard time saying which one I like best, but since I am a bowl latherer most of the time, I would say the Cashmere is decadent. Very soft tips, fine fibers, fairly dense. Not as much backbone perhaps as the Tuxedo, but a pleasant balance with the soft tips. The 22mm faux horse is also great. I restored my dads old boar with this. I like using it for loading from smaller diameter containers but honestly, it is a very versatile knot that looks nice in many old handle restores. I would like to see the faux horse in a 24mm as it seems to strike a balance between the Cashmere and the Tuxedo.
  12. My wife gave me a custom brush with a cashmere knot back in July. I've only used it a half dozen times but it has the face feel of a well broken in boar. Or at least it best approximates a well broken in boar. I would have used it more but I committed to an All Italian August.
  13. So my Cashmere arrived today - 6 days from Canada to UK which isn’t bad.

    I have Tuxedo, Plisson L’Occitane (“The Brush Of The Gods”) and Simpson CH2 synthetics and, whilst they are all really excellent brushes, there is no doubt that the Cashmere is the softest of all of them.
    It has a little more backbone than the Plisson but isn’t springy in any way like the Tuxedo or the Simpson.
    It performed amazingly with RSC cream tonight but I wonder if it can lift soaps?

    In order of softness I’d say:

    In order of backbone I’d say:

    The Cashmere came with a weird big travel tube too.

    I got really great customer service from APShaveCo, fast delivery and a really gorgeous Cashmere brush so I’m very pleased!
  14. I have the Cashmere, Tuxedo and about a half dozen other synthetics. The Tuxedo is my favorite, followed by the Cashmere. To me, the two of them behave pretty similarly, even though they look so very different. The Cashmere has ever so slightly softer tips. It doesn't seem to splay any better for me, at least at the lofts I'm using. I find the Tuxedo is maybe a little denser, which may account for its slightly bit more backbone. The Tuxedo holds a bit more lather, but still releases it well. I don't find major differences between them. They are both excellent.
  15. Great summary.
    My Tuxedo is direct from Yaqi rather than APShaveCo which could explain why it is considerably springier.

    Sounds like the APShaveCo Tuxedo knot might be less dense than the Yaqi one.
    Whatever, we all seem to agree that these are awesome brushes.
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    I'm loving my Yaqi Tuxedo, Marcus! (Thanks again.) Dense and luxurious, and lathers up a storm. I like it so much I ordered an APShaveCo in Cashmere.
  17. I have 7 synthetic brushes and love them. I have a cashmere, angel hair, tuxedo and plissoft. The cashmere is the softest brush I have ever used. The angel hair is from turnnshave and it is a fan shape, it is just as soft but it is a little floppy. I wish t was set about 3 to 5 mm deeper. My Wolf Whiskers black wolf 25mm fan is still my favorite brush. I just ordered 2 yaqi brushes a 28mm white bristle and a 26mm tuxedo. Crazy me I also ordered a zenith 24mm silvertip, I will give badger one more try.
  18. Has anybody tried a Cashmere with a bigger knot than 24mm?

    I see Yaqi do a 28mm one but I’m imagining it’s going to be pretty floppy...
    ... and I have the Yaqi 30mm Tuxedo which is near perfect!
  19. I have the yaqi cashmere 28mm on its way to my house. Hopefully I will have it next week. I will give my thoughts on it after I get it.

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