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APSHAVE CO. Cashmere.

After year of daily use of SynBad and Casmere, I would say SynBad has softer tips and behaves more like natural badger than Cashmere (and it doesn't leak). It's visually more appealing (natural) and with better overall performance, IMO. Backbone is same or just a touch more.
It is funny how different people are because I am just the opposite as the post above. I love the cashmere and not fond of the synbad. I will agree the cashmere is no t.f much to look at but wow it performs for me. I wish apshaveco had it in 26 or 28mm with a small glue bump. I want to put one in a craving shaving handle I have.
Happy shaves
I have 2 Cashmere knots - 28mm and 30mm, both with small glue bumps. I like them both (I prefer larger knots), but SynBad works for me a tad better.
I have that Watermelon brush and it’s now my absolute favourite synthetic brush although it’s not as good looking as Silksmoke or Tuxedo fibres.
Initially it seemed a lot stiffer than the APShaveCo Cashmere but once it opened up after three of four uses it became equally as soft and pliable.
I think the knot is more dense in the Watermelon and that accounts for the differing face feel to begin with.
Incidentally Yaqi told me that Cashmere, Tuxedo and Plissoft fibres are all the same fibre coloured differently - you’ll have to choose for yourself whether to believe that or not...
If you want a better idea of what a Blue Lagoon handle looks like, I've made a short video of my 24 mm SynBad with a BL handle.
Thanks! If you're the same gentleman who posted a video earlier, your video was a lot of the reason I went with the Blue Lagoon handle, so thanks again!
The new Gelousy SHD Finest Badger knots and brushes from APShave look very interesting. I just ordered one the brushes with the limited edition faux horn beehive handle.
The new Gelousy SHD Finest Badger knots and brushes from APShave look very interesting. I just ordered one the brushes with the limited edition faux horn beehive handle.
They do look interesting. Takes the guesswork out of getting gel tips. Let us know how you like it.
Going to grab a new 28mm fan Gelousy for a Jefferson style handle I had made and install it myself. I’ll report back. As a real lover of gel tips I hope it turns out to be a great knot.
i just got a Yaqi Dandelion (24mm cashmere) i have try Stirling Soap, ARKO stick, Nivea sensitive skin cream and captain's choice venture cream, and it's great with all of them, awsome lather no matter what
I ordered a Gelousy 28mm bulb knot and I am going to set it in a craving shaving handle. Will report back after I use it.
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I received my Cashmere 24mm synthetic from APShaveCo with the Blue Lagoon handle. My only real comparison is the Muhle 4th gen fiber synthetic.

I found the Cashmere to have nice, soft tips along with good backbone (less that the Muhle); because of the lesser backbone, it splays easily and also, at least in my 1 time using it, doesn't drip water the way my Muhle does. It lathers easily and produces a dense, creamy lather. It feels nice on my face, and overall I really like it. I was expecting less backbone; I wouldn't consider it a "floppy" brush.

It does have the same feature I see in other synthetics - when the bristles "snap back", they do tend to fling bits of lather everywhere so it isn't the neatest brush.

Overall, I'm very happy with it. I was also considering the SynBad and the 2BED knots, but I'm happy with this.

I definitely prefer it to the Muhle, as that takes some effort to splay due to the higher backbone/"springiness" (and which I don't like in a face lathering brush).