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    Well, it counts only when you post a review for us, when you get the brush. :)

    P. S. My last reply was lost on your comments.
  1. I have both of these brushes, and the Yaqi 28mm cashmere is one of my favorites too. I have two APShaveCo 24mm Cashmeres, the Blue Lagoon and a Faux Marble. The APShaveCos are fine brushes too, and great for travel, but I prefer the Yaqi at home. OTOH, I wish Yaqi would offer the Cashmere with different (more interesting) handles.
  2. If it whips up lather, I suppose it does count. :thumbup: :001_cool:
  3. Same thought. I have a nice tuxedo from them, but the handle is tall and heavy. I like their Sagrada brush but they don't offer it with cashmere and on 28mm.
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    Just got in my 30mm Cashmere in Marble. Some of the softest tips ever. Whipped up some Tabac for this morning's shave and noticed that the lather was nice and creamy even before applying it to my face.

    The brush splays easily but does not have the same face feel as the 30mm Tuxedo. It's almost 'boarish' without the scrubbiness. While soft, the Cashmere didn't have any trouble during initial application nor during subsequent face painting passes.

    The handle is pretty but somewhat on the smallish side( for my hands)- you can easily do the 2 finger splay without getting lather everywhere.

    Looking forward to my next shave- maybe tonight?

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  6. Awesome! Come sign up!
  7. I bought one of the 24 mm Tuxedo knots in a vintage handle some time ago ...
    ... but now, seeing the Cashmere knots is tempting me to wait for a 30 mm Cashmere in a shorter Blue Lagoon handle.
    Must . . . resist! (For a while, anyway.)
  8. For the ones here who have got the silk smoke how does it feel compared to the cashmere and tuxedo knots. I have a brush coming from Turnnshave with the ghost knot.
  9. From what I've seen so far the Blue Lagoon handle only houses a 22 & 24mm knot. The 30mm would be too large.
    I have the Whipped Dog 24mm version and would say it is exactly the same as the Tuxedo. I've come to the conclusion it just has too much backbone for my liking. Will probably list in the BST some time soon... The Cashmere and the Angel Hair knots just have me spoiled to this point...
  10. Thank you very much. I wish have to try one soon because I do like the tuxedo knot and the cashmere. I wish my turnnshave ghost brush would get here. The USPS website has said on its way to the next facility for the last 3 days.
  11. I meant to comment on that ghost knot from TurnNShave earlier, it looks the same as the APShaveCo Cashmere. I just can't do any knot that is that big. I have the 25mm Angel Hair and feel its too big a knot for me as well. I sure wish they made them in say a 22mm. I think that would be perfect for me.
  12. I just got a cashmere and silk smoke from AP Shave recently. Both are real nice brushes. Both lather great and the handles are nice. Super soft with some backbone and decent splay for synthetics.

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  13. Well I got the turnnshave with the ghost knot and I love the handle but the knot was pokey and prickly and felt like plastic. I was disappointed but I contacted Milton and I am sending it back to him and he is going to put a different knot in for me. He was great to work with.
  14. Thats too bad... How did it compare to the Cashmere knot? You have one, right?
  15. I have 3 and the ghost knot is not even close to as soft. For me it was the worst synthetic I have tried and I have tried several. All I use are synthetics. Hope that helps.
  16. Thanks. I will make a note for the future...
  17. htownmmm

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    So about 2 weeks have passed and this 30mm Cashmere brush has taken over my den. I have no desire to use any other brush. Every soap I throw at it, it builds lather with ease. Each lather is dense and yogurty w/o any angst attached.

    I am even reaching for soaps that at some point did not want to lather or needed more work each and every time. I know that is one of the characteristics of synths but the Cashmere is the BEST synth in my stable (Satin Tip Finest, Simpson's, Maggard's 30mm, RR BC Silvertip Plissoft, Zebra 30mm Tuxedo, RR Plissoft Monster).

    Now I'm thinking about ordering a Cashmere 30mm knot and placing it in another handle. I'm finicky about my grip and while the Marble handle is ok, if this knot was in a Chubby handle or even the RR BC handle, I would be ecstatic.

    Again, this is a great brush but as all synths do, it cannot hold heat like a badger. If they ever figure that out, there will be a true dilemma amongst us.

  18. I ended up ordering a Cashmere today as well - after trying to figure out if the new 2BED, Cashmere, or SynBad knots would suit my needs best, ALPalombo replied with "any of the 3". He did mention that the SynBad would have a little more backbone than the other 2.

    I asked for his recommendations for a very soft brush that splayed very easily for face lathering and had relatively little backbone (to further facilitate splaying, as my current Muhle synthetic takes some work to splay but is good from there). He described the Cashmere as the softest, the 2BED as similar but with a larger face feel given the fan bulb, and the SynBad as having more backbone than the other 2. Seeing that the Cashmere gets lots of positive reviews and the 2BED has very little info out there, I went with the more true and tried approach.

    Blue lagoon handle.

    We'll see how it goes; I'm hoping for a nice travel brush at the least.
  19. Th cashmere sounds nice.
    Is it available in a smaller knot?

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