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Anyone excited about Hockey? NHL 2021

Well my Leafs have been in first place since game one this year.

Of course they are in the terrible North division. They will very likely end up first overall at the end of the year. God help the Leafs or the Canadian team that makes it out of the division to play the US teams in the semis.... Florida, Boston, Tampa, St Louis, Carolina, LV, Washington...

Such a weird year!


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Well, the Habs came out of the gate firing on all cylinders, but then things fell apart and now ... they have a new head coach! I guess time will tell if this is an improvement or just a change.
Nylander scored in the dying seconds to tie the last Calgary game (preventing the Leafs from being shut out in consecutive games by the same team for the first time in 90 years) and scored the winner in OT. 2 points for the Leafs by himself.

Nylander has been roasted by the Toronto media so bad that it is embarrassing. One journalist in particular is close to losing his job over his unrelentless criticism. Of course, he did sit out most of a year wanting more money, got it and then played like crap.

Any player that WANTS to play in Toronto or Montreal is nuts. Our media is awful.
Any player that WANTS to play in Toronto or Montreal is nuts. Our media is awful.
I wonder if it's different for guys that didn't grow up in those areas. There's no additional pressure of being a "hometown hero".

As a hockey fan, it would be nice to see the Leafs organization get it together and consistently challenge for the Cup (or at least regularly make the playoffs).
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