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Anyone Dye Their Beards With Henna etc?

hello people i was just wondering does anyone dye their beards with henna etc?

i got some henna from lush which is very good quality as i used it years ago but i had jet black hair then so it didnt really do much in terms of colouring but really conditioned the hair and made it feel really nice

mrs is going to dye my beard with henna today as i've got a salt and pepper beard, in a nutshell a black and white beard but not many white hairs but they can be a bit annoying

well i say annoying but sometimes im okay with white hair in the beard and then sometimes im not, some of you gtuys my age in their mid thirties onwards might be able to relate?? i dont know

anyways this is the lush henna its called caca rouge, supposed to come out a red'ish colour, really want a nice red looking beard with the skinhead lol

as you can see on the link above its got a lot of really good ingredients in there too

anyways will keep you posted on how it goes :)

1621098688413.jpg 1621098688408.jpg
dyed it again with the henna but mixed in some yemeni henna too, comes out nice golden red/brownish

has coloue the bits of hair that didnt completely change from white to that above colour :)
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