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Tatara Masamune or Rex Envoy (or maybe something else?!)

If you want to go a bit cheap on the adjustable razor, a Gillette variant off eBay would serve you well, though the Progress isn't terribly expensive.
Not sure if mentioned already: The Parker Variant is similar to the Progress except with a better handle (IMO). It's a little less expensive also.
A Schick Adjustable is a great option for most people.

I recently got a Fatboy out of Portugal off eBay for ~$25 shipped to me in Texas. That thing looks brand new! Great score IMHO!!!


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Awesome. Thank you very much for the help. So you would recommend the Progress of those two? Is yours the original handle version? I think it would be my choice. I'll maybe go for the Progress for the time being. 😊👍

P.S. I just noticed.. is that Jaco with his 'Bass of Doom' in your profile picture?! 🎸

He was great. I remember listening to Jaco's album and John Paul Jones' "Zooma" non-stop for months when I started playing bass.. I eventually moved over to guitar. But he will always be one of my favourite bassists along with John Entwistle, JPJ and a few others.

He was a fantastic musician.. exceptional talent. Taken too soon. Very sad. 😢

RIP Jaco.
1. Yes, I would take the Progress over the Pearl Flexi. Mine has the Opgress Modification installed. :)

2. Yup, my avatar is Jaco. :)
Well that's pretty much what I was looking to hear. 🙂 I think if going with the Progress I will get the original, regular length handled version.. I believe the regular is the one they call the Progress 500.
It seems the handle isn't actually that short anyways.. the specs say its longer than an R89 so I think it should be more than adequate. Come to think of it, I don't have any razors that are of the "long handle" variety.. so probably best sticking with what I know.
I have not heard of any original version but it's likely it was the small one given the post war economy where each once of metal was precious compared to today. Anyway, it's not that small, it's regular. I consider the Flexi too small for instance. The Progress short handle is comparable to the Blackbird short handle.
I see what you mean about that.. and the differences between the Futur and the Progress. How you feel the Progess as the classic razor. I suppose in some respects its kind of like Germany's answer to the Adjustable 195 or "Fatboy". I wonder how it shaves in comparison to one.. if it would be similar or not. 🤔
To be specific, it was not an answer, Gillette and Merkur released their adjustable the same year in parallel if I understood correctly. Gillette was TTO which means a big bulb head which personally I don't like because it's too big and the blade is not really bended. Merkur had a totally different approach and it lasted until today whereas the Gillette design had not been used anymore.
Thank you very much for all the help in regards to the Progress. It means a lot to me and I'm very grateful!
My pleasure, the Progress is really the classic adjustable razor and you can get a really good shave with it, equivalent from my experience to the Blackbird.
The Blackbird, however, has become my daily driver because it's just perfect for me but that's very subjective.
The Parker variant is excellent too, from what I've heard, I have it but I have not tried it yet. It's a kind of modern Indian copy of the Progress.
Hello folks,

I've decided to treat myself to another DE safety razor and I've been debating over a number of different ones.

I've been looking at a few of the better known razors in my range that I don't have already.. I've spent some time reading about them, watching videos etc and leading contenders at present are the Tatara Masamune (closed comb) and to my own surprise, the Rex Envoy. I've read through the Tatara threads and I've came to the conclusion this would be a very good razor and seems to be held in high regard with some members on here. I also seem to like combinations of razors that are classed as mild-medium put with a sharp blade like a Feather.

As for the Rex, if I'm honest, up until the past week or so I had little or no interest in Rex razors.. I don't know why, but they just didn't appeal to me. I believe they are a sister company of the Razor Emporium. But recently I started seeing them come up time and time again in various reviews and so on and it seems a lot of people have a very good word on them.. one here also. The adjustable ones are more than I wish to spend at the moment.. so it pretty much leaves the Rex. In fact, I think I have a preference for non-adjustable razors anyways.. I sometimes like a less is more approach, well as long as the "less" works well!

I'd been looking at the Timeless Bronze about a week ago too but I think I've kind of ruled it out.. or at least temporarily.

I don't really want to spend any more than about £150 ($200?) on a razor at the moment.. I probably would go to £200 max. So I'm looking at razors up to approx £150 mark, give £50 take £50. So I'm basically looking a good quality, mid priced razor.. in this category I already own a Muhle Rocca and a Feather AS-D2. I'd like something a little different to what I already own.. as I haven't really got myself a new razor lately. Its been mostly "software".

I know buying a razor is a personal thing and everyone has different tastes and indeed faces, skin, beards etc.. so asking help with razor acquisition may be difficult. However, after all that is what these boards are for.. people with interest and shared passion for wet shaving chatting over things! So I figured I'd ask if anyone has anything they would like to offer.. I figured it couldn't hurt!

At the moment, for me the Tatara Masamune seems to be winning but I'm not really up to date on all the good razors out there.. there are probably other good offerings that I don't even know exist. I just know the common ones. So if thought maybe someone could have a chat or offer some advice or recommendations.

Also, although not essential it would be a great bonus if the razor was available to buy in UK. Often when buying from further afield things can double their price quite quick between international shipping charges and customs and handling fees etc!

Many thanks in advance,

Kind regards

If you can find one, buy either the Lambda Ares V2 or the Athena. If you can't find one on any BST sites, then sign up on their wish list. You won't find a better razor at any price and these are in your price range.
I have the Masamune, the Nodachi (SB & OC) and the Envoy. Of these choices, I'd get the Envoy. I don't find the Envoy to be overly aggressive and have used it for several days in a row on more than one occasion.

The DE razors that I rank higher than the Envoy are the Ti Blackbird SB, Lambda Athena and Wolfman Ti WR2 1.25 SB.
true... I also don't find the Envoy so aggressive, just above a GC84p in terms of effectiveness, but not aggressive, there are razors out there that are much more aggressive
The envoy, if you know how to handle it, gives you some nice clean shaves
Just narrow it down to one or two and do a buy and try. We can list them them all day here. But no one has your face , skills or preferences...
Maybe FS (uk) here or list a WTB..may save you a few and list if it is a no go.
Make a plan, and have some fun..
If you can wait a month.. Rex's new 3 piece slant razor is coming. It's a non adjustable. Would be more mild than the Envoy... which is more in line with the masamune's feel
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