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Anyone buy anything from Zamberg, also anyone own a nice German made manicure set?

So I considered this a while back but let it go as I didn't feel the expense was worth it at the time, I am now back reconsidering it again and was wondering if anyone has any expereince with this stuff now...

Specifically was looking at this kit:


Has everything I need, isn't too crazy expensive at $100, and looks nice....

Others on my list were Seki clippers instead, and or something more expensive from Dovo...

I like clippers, a nail cleaner, and tweezers...but finding a kit that has two clippers, a cleaner, and tweezers is a pain as most are missing one piece.

Any thoughts or info appreciated, thanks



I got this for $29. Doesn't have a big clipper, but I honestly don't need that on my toes. Scissors work just as well and gives a better result. Does't have a file either and that other long thing, but I don't need those. I could get a file real cheap separately.
Thanks Ross,

Just saw that Brookstone is apparently clearing out their kits, so I have my choice of two clippers for 20 which on the net sell for upwards of 80, a set like yours that goes now for 24 wheras online is 60....or a full blown kit for 74, might just get the two smaller items and pocket the extra cash.
Hey thanks, so I ended up going to brookstone, they were totally sold out but had the display of the kit which was in some plexi showcase left, asked them if I could buy that...they gave me an extra 20% off so it was only 60 bucks...

zamberg sells the same kit for 180....

I feel like I lucked out as usually I miss these types of deals...

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