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Any Mac Users?

Just curious if any other B&B'ers are on Macs ... I work in publishing. so I'm set up on a G5, 24 inch monitor. Also have in the house a Macbook, iMac, several iPods, a dead Indigo imac from several years ago,
a dead G3 (actually could be resurrected ... wondering if a G3 can be sold on BST??? .... eyeing an apple TV because all our dvd's are getting scratched up. Cheers.
Have used both over the years- keep on going back to the MAC- just overall best for what I use it for- writing and web development.

Can not remember a time without a Apple in the house.
Yep. Grew up with macs. I'm currently using a 4 year old Powerbook. The wife switched to macs after a horrible experience with some Dell ***. She's currently using a Macbook.
All my primary laptops will be Apple, likely forever. As wonderful as the EEE PC is and such, nothing compares to the Apple warranty on something as knock-about as a laptop.

As much as I love Apple's design, the cost-benefit of their desktops makes me sad, so I'll likely never use an Apple as my primary desktop computer (DIY there, running Linux).
Mac user all the way. It's simply easier to use... after the learning curve of course, which for me was about 2 days.

Love it, couldn't live without it!:biggrin:
I use both, and like the Most Interesting Man in the World, switch freely between the two. If you told me I could only have one, I'd pick the PC, even though I'm a Unix guy at heart.
Both SWBMO and myself are Mac users. I own a MacBook (new style ), and she owns a Macbook (white) and a iMac (last style, 10.4 Tiger). I hope to upgrade both our laptops to Snow Leopard soon!! :D
Always Mac, all the way back to the ones with the tiny black and white screens. I am slow to update, though. My current machine is an Indigo beach-ball iMac from 2000, running Panther.
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