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age of DE razor users ?

Age ?

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I just made the move from cartridge razors, will never go back. Im 26 and most people my age have no idea what safety razors are.
25. I had no idea about DEs before stumbling upon the info while looking for a way to shave that didn't make my face look like crap.
My dad gave me a DE for my 16th birthday and that was 31 years ago. However I did not start using a brush and soap until I joined the Navy. I served on submarines and canned cream was not a good idea plus they took up to much room in my kit.
I still use a butterfly DE with Feather blades and only strayed once back in the 80's when I tried one of the twin blade injectors for about a week because my DE at the time broke and I grabbed what I could at the exchange quickly and they did not have a DE in stock. When I found another DE I bought immediately and have stayed loyal since.:w00t:
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