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aaahhhh the rose

I have heard on these forums that hands down the best rose cream is T&H. I will be ordering it soon, because I am dying for a rose scent. Although Razorock just got their limited edition rose scent up :)
I'm mostly a hard soap user, but I've had tubs of Taylor Rose cream on hand since I started. There's nothing like a good Rose cream for days when my face is feeling dry, windburned, sunburned or just plain beat. I also find a good rose scent to be a great mood lifter, especially in winter. My only complaint with Taylor is that the consistency of every tub varies. One tub will be soft, another hard. I much prefer a softer cream and recently made the switch to T&H Rose. The scents are very similar. T&H may have a slight edge in scent, but maybe it's just because I'm at the end of a 2 year old tub of Taylor. The T&H is a softer cream than Taylor, at least compared to my last tub of Taylor and paired with a small 3-band Thater makes for a luxurious shave. Too early for me to say if one out-performs the other enough to justify the difference in price.
IMO,the T&H Rose is by far,the best Rose cream on the market. Great lather and wonderful scent. And its not as deep of a red/pink color like the Trumpers or DR Harris Rose, that may possibly stain your brush(temporarily). The T&H Rose is well worth the $.

I love Rose of Bulgaria. Amazing rose scent, performance equal to or greater than creams that are more expensive, and I believe it's a white cream. (I'd have to check. I don't remember.)
I was on the hunt for a rose-scented cream several months ago - I tried a sample of from each of the 3T's and came away with T&H as the best of the bunch in both performance and scent. GFT was second with TOBS coming in third. They are all quality creams that I could shave with everyday but T&H was noticeably better.
I'm with InfernoOrangeSS. I too love the Rose of Bulgaria cream (and A/S) and I have not tried theothers to draw a comparison. I guess a rose is a rose is a rose.
I'm with InfernoOrangeSS. I too love the Rose of Bulgaria cream (and A/S) and I have not tried theothers to draw a comparison. I guess a rose is a rose is a rose.
Well, for me, it has a great scent and lathers really well. It gives a good slickness and cushion. It is an inexpensive cream, so I think some poo-poo it. I think some on here defend higher end creams/soaps because they spent a lot on them. I am not saying that all inexpensive creams/soaps work as well as $100 examples. I am saying that a lot of the expensive soaps and creams I have tried have not had noticeable differences in quality of lather or shave. (Meaning if I am paying that much more for something, I should see an equal increase in quality/performance.)
YMMV, of course. This is just my humble opinion.
T&H Rose Cream is one of my new favorites, my buddy bought a tub and handed me a sample. Lathers up beautifully and smells really fresh! I actually shaved with it today and finished the shave off w/ a Rose water spirtz, my face didn't even know it was shaven.
T & H Rose crème is a step up in life. I do not think I will ever enjoy a soap again. Another favorite is the D.R. Harris Windsor!!!! Oh yeah, and the T & H Trafalgar is heavenly too, Whoops, did I fail to mention T & H Lavendar, they are all good!
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I have a sample of TOBS Rose on the way from across the pond, along with a, uh, large order of creams and soaps. I can't wait to try it out.
there are several really great rose creams and soaps.

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