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A slight problem with J-hooking

I've been getting nice smooth shaves for some time now, but at times I seem to have a problem with the J-hook. I'm not sure if I'm doing it the right way. I've watched Mantic's video's on the technique, but I don't seem to get the desired results. Any advice on using this technique? Do you remove the razor as you execute the hook, or leave it on your skin? At times I seem to get it right and others I'll get a slight nick. Anyone who does the J-hook right I'd like to hear from. Thanks guys.


Hi Paul.

I'm new too but I feel that a "c" movement (just twist the handle of your razor using the same axis with very little pressure -its like petting your skin with the blade in a circular motion-), its much better for me than a "j" movement. It feels and give a more close shave for that part of your skin. :cool:
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