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50,000 Posts!!!

Greetings Everyone,

Once again Badger & Blade has passed another milestone. Today we blew past the :badger: 50,000:badger: post mark! The moderators would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of you for making this site what it is!

We are biased, but we feel that you have made this best shaving forum on the web, bar none. You could search the web all day and not find a nicer group of individuals than the members of this community!

In addition to the wide variety of forums, we’ve added an incredible Review System (the only one offered on the web), a Google map, a DVD, a FAQ, a Fragrance Train, a Chat System, a Hall of Fame (further personalizing this community), our own Badger & Blade Shaving Soap, B&B colognes from multiple vendors, and a Decant Club.

Here’s the best part - we’re only getting started!

Not satisfied with becoming stagnant, we would like to challenge everyone to submit a suggestion to the moderators on how we can improve this site. We are looking for revolutionary, radical, innovative, and earth-shattering ideas. There is nothing that won’t be considered!

Tomorrow morning when you are standing in front of that mirror, take pride in the fact that the rest of us are doing the same…enjoying a great shave!

Thank you once again for being a valuable member of this community!

The Mods.
Congrats all...:thumbup: :thumbup:
But I think, I'm only a "little" writer/poster...:sad: :sad:
And I say: Many a little makes a mickle!!:001_smile :001_smile

TomH said:
Congrats all...:thumbup: :thumbup:
But I think, I'm only a "little" writer/poster...:sad: :sad:
And I say: Many a little makes a mickle!!:001_smile :001_smile


You are a valued member of this community. At this moment in time, without your 200+ posts we would not have reached 50,000! Keep those fingers typing. :thumbup1:
The good thing about all this is that seen the amount of users joining the forum every week, this number will increase exponentially over time.

We can place some bets: when will we reach 100.000 posts? Let people bet on that for a week or 2 and the winner gets some shaving equipment of his/her choice!
How many registered members are there?

How is this number growing?

Just curious about the size of the community


Go to the HOME page and then scroll down to the bottom of the left hand column.
In the STATS box the is displayed the number of Members, Threads, Posts, the Top Poster, and the newest member.

I just wanted to say thanks for having me on the board. I appreciate all the help, incredibly fast answers to all of my questions no matter how stupid, and great sense of humor displayed by all. I belong to another shaving site and find that this one, although possibly sharing some of the same members, is by far the safer board in the sense I find the responses here are all very gentlemanly (if that is a word) and helpful. I have not seen any verbal attacking by member nor have I found the resident troll (an I know he must be here somewhere, every board has one!!!!).

But again, thanks!!!!!

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