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345 Soap Co. Rhumpkin

I don't see this soap mentioned much and I'm enjoying it so much I thought I'd start this thread and share my thoughts about this fine shaving soap. I just love the scent of this soap! I have a pretty sensitive nose and I don't use many scented products because I just find them overpowering -- but this Rhumpkin scent is just amazing. The scent opens with Bay Rum (Rhum?) but it is nothing like the Bay Rum I've experienced before. This Bay Rum is just so clean and fresh and light and followed by Pumpkin and apple in just the perfect balance.

The soap lathered up easily for me and gave me a really slick lather with plenty of cushion. This morning I used my R41 GS with a Feather (3) and it was extremely smooth and comfortable. My technique with the R41 keeps improving with each shave but I think the slickness and cushion of this soap is responsible for the glide I felt this time.

The post shave feel is very nice and the lingering scent is amazing. My post shave is unscented so there is nothing competing with the Rhumpkin except for my natural body chemistry. Loving this soap! Anyone else here try it?
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