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Stirling’s Sheep - Legendary

enjoyed my stirling sheep soap.
great, but IMHO, not totally spectacular.
fwiw, i'm just as happy with MWF!

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I had a puck of Arko but never tried it. It smelled to me like one of the pucks we put in a urinal to keep it fresh...kinda. At one point my young daughter took it out of the plastic and proceeded to gouge it to hell. Never replaced it.
Big fan of Stirling sheep but none of the scents they've offered it in so far have appealed to me.
If they ever make Bay Laurel in the sheep base that'll be an instant multiple-puck buy.
Have you tried Tantra Soaps Hampshire Wool Fat soap by any chance?
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I'm on a UK based forum and her soaps crop up there quite a bit, she has a lot of fans there. I think someone there once spoke to her about doing a limited run in a different scent. I've only got the No.1 scent, and it's quite strongly scented but the performance is glorious. I'd love it if she made a bay rum or a traditional almond version, maybe someone should contact her again for a limited run.

I'd put Stirling Sheep on one side, tallow MWF on another, with Hampshire Wool Fat somewhere between those two in terms of performance. New school soap, old school performance IMO.

Stirling Sheep (unscented & electric) are both wonderful lathers.
You sold me, I bought a tub this week. First try this morning — it’s great! Definitely a notch up from Naked & Smooth. It’s pretty smelly, though. Has anyone had luck leaving the soap uncovered to air out and reduce the scent over time?
It's hard to explain, it's just some sort of strange scent in the background. My other Sterling soaps that don't have lanolin haven't got it. Maybe some one else has experienced this to, or maybe it's just all in my head 🤔.

Yes, I definitely notice it. We have sheep on our property and it smells like, well, sheep. :)

I only use Varen though, which is quite a powerful scent (which I enjoy), so the sheep smell is subdued by that and I tend to notice it only when I begin to lather.
I have tried about 10-12 Stirling soaps, not including Sheep. My understanding of Sheep is that it is not really scented and might have a bit of a gamey scent.

Of the samples I tried, three were Mutton Tallow, Electric Sheep, Scot’s Pine, and Varen. These three mutton tallow soaps are in a notch above other Stirling, and most other soaps I have tried. Recently Stirling sent an email stating the end of the (now) seasonal production run of Varen. So I picked up a 4.5 ounce puck and match Balm.
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