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28mm shavemac with proraso soap tub.

Im planning on purchasing the 28mm super badger from shavemac. I always use the proraso hard soap which is in the green tub and im wondering will that brush be too big for the tub and if so what size would anyone recommend
for using this type of soap.
No problems with that size brush. should lather up a treat.
I'm currently looking for a small brush probably a small Rooney
or a Saville Row. I guess it's a bit horses for courses. Hard to go wrong
with some sort of medium sized super badger brush.
I havn't got a Shavemac brush but a lot of people swear buy them.
My vulfix 849 lathers up soaps quite well but I do give it heaps.Whatever
you choose good luck with it.

I've used a Kent BK8 (26mm) in conjunction with the Proraso Green Tub and it works fine, I invert the tub, push the tips of the brush into the soap and twist the brush til there's enough soap on the brush. I work up the lather in a bowl. I reckon you could happily do this with the BK12 (32mm).
Thanks for the info gentlemen,just wanted to be sure. I really love those shavemacs. I cant wait. Now all i have to do is get my credit card ready to order! And now my father wants one as well. I checked the brush his using now( just some el cheapo) The bristles are so low its unbeleivable! :w00t:
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