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2020 New Year's Shaving Resolutions


Happy New Year!

Been thinking about 2020 New Year's Shaving Resolutions.

This is what I've got, so far:
1. Quit chasing BBS: 3-pass max, minor buffing and touch-up is okay. Then stop. Accept the shave for what it is and go about my day.
2. Purchase only exceptional, unique or meaningful additions to The Den.
3. Make each shave a relaxing, unrushed, unhurried gift to myself.

Be very interested to hear from others regarding your shaving specific 2020 resolutions. :)


Happy New Year. My only real resolution is to use up some software. For me I have for too much. As for razors, I just want to slow up on the purchases.
I have slowed down my purchases and have really dialed in my routine.
I have stopped chasing BBS, I have stopped chasing the next "best new" razor, I have settled into a routine where I am comfortable in what I am currently using, I'm not going to stop buying soaps and aftershaves but I am going to carry on my restraint from trying to buy everything out there. My main goal for 2020 is to continue on with my daily shave routine and make sure to leave enough time to make it enjoyable and not rushed.
My shaving resolutions are to enjoy each shave and continue with the sabbatical/restraint for the year of 2020.
Shaving resolutions

1: sell the razors and shaving bowls I do not or rarely use on eBay Europe.
2: discard the soap i do not use or does not perform well enough.
3: buy samples when possible not jars.
4: no more new razors period.
5: long term revamp/repair my birthday slim and my grandpa's tech.
I'll always want what I need but I don't always need what I want. Product lasts a lot longer than I initially thought so I resolve not to buy anything unless I actually need it. (not just this year but in general) I've been through 2 sabbaticals so I haven't bought anything shave related in 2 years. I'm in the 2020 sabbatical so I'm going for 3 years without buying anything. (I know I won't NEED anything.)
Happy 2020! Here are mine:

1. Further improve my technique
2. No new purchases with the possible exception of a scuttle
3. Switch to using a single soap/cream until it is finished
4. Try to reduce my hardware
5. Enjoy shaving as much as possible
6. Enjoy participating in the B&B community
  • Complete the 2020 sabbatical
  • Enjoy the things I already have, experiment
  • Track usage of supplies so I can better estimate how long they will last in future
  • Use up at least three soaps.
  • After the sabbatical, buy only to replace
So what are my resolutions?

If not being disciplined to join the 3017 folks, I will commit to largely using a soap for a full month until it's finished.
Perhaps I will buy a few more Stirling scents (soap, AS, and balms), but will step back to not buying new shave stuff.

Along the same lines this past year I enjoyed extended use of of just one razor. I will continue to enjoy the Maggard V3 head, the RazoRock gamechanger 84p and 1966 Gillette Slim as my primary razors. I will add this year extended use of a mid-1960's Schick Krona.

Even though I am a shave soap guy, I vow to finish a few tubs/tubes of shave cream.

Finally I will participate in B&B more regularly.
I started my razor collection in a cigar box ... then 2 boxes, each with only about 5-6 razors arranged side-by-side. Regular cigar boxes were too small, and I stumbled on a Cohiba Red Dot box - wooden and bigger (just under 8 X 12") - it holds about 15). I found a 'cigar bar' across town that leaves their empty boxes in a pile by the door, and scored a 2nd Cohiba Red Dot box, plus an even BIGGER box. I now have a box dedicated to Techs, and split up the other 2 between 3 piece and TTO's.

I see that I need more Ft Handle gold Techs ...
Use up a lot more stuff.
Buy a lot less stuff.
Hopefully trade a few things.
And maybe learn to shave with my other hand, right now I shave with my left hand but would be interesting to see if I can do the right side of my face with my right hand.


Maintain my discipline of only having seven soaps, one for each day of the week.

Try to curb my RAD for vintage razors.

No Timeless Bronze until my birthday in June.
I want to continue getting to know my equipment/soaps and get better at tracking/noticing and recording the differences in shaves.

PIF some of the things I have been planning to PIF for too long.

Shave more often.
1. Get better at using what I have (been DE shaving for a year and love learning!)
2. Refine my scent palette. Have an affinity for leather and spice scents, particularly in the colder months. However, my lack of knowledge (what the hell is “vetiver,” anyway?) of scents, makes online purchasing a bit of a challenge/ crapshoot.