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GIVEAWAY! 100 Wizzies and some soap

Ladys and gents of B&B, today I have up for PIFs a 100ct Iridium Supers with YOUR CHOICE of 1 of 3 soaps pictured. Yes, all are Tallow versions so you can rest easy. I will let this be open to ALL members of this fine establishment. Even if you are in BFE... this is not just for CONUS. The rules are simple and easy to honor imo. #1 You should be an active member here or be making an honest attempt too contribute #2 For you to enter, a simple "im in" will do OR you can be awesome and tell me and mine a joke. We all love a laugh here and there im sure we can agree. Keep them friendly and fun please. I will let this go until Friday the 11th so you have a little over a week to enter from now. Good luck everyone. 20221104_091951.jpg


"Self appointed king of Arkoland"
I’m in! Been wanting to give the Wizamets a shot to see how they compare to the Gillette Silver Blues.
They are both really REALLY good.

I'll be in, if I can come up with a good joke.

Which is hard, because I forget so many of the punchlines!

So I'll go put on my thinkin' cap and come back later. Excellent PIF by the way.
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