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FFFMM (Fixed Four For March Madness) 2024 Edition

FFFMM 2024: Shave 16.
Date: March 31, 2024.
Razor: Rockwell Stainless in Red, base plate 6.
Blade: Voskhod, blade 16.
Pre-shave Wash: Hot water and Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.
Shaving Cream: Laser Shaving Cream Lemon.
Brush: Bombay Shaving Company Synthetic.
Post Shave: Cold water splash and MiNature Alum Block.
Aftershave: Jovan Sex Appeal.

That concludes the FFFMM24 for me. Bad choice of shaving cream. But still went ahead with the FFFMM. Had another tube of this shaving cream that I disposed off as I won't even empty 1 tube in this month. Right after the shave I disposed what was left of this. This brush too has no backbone but I have another synthetic brush from Pink Wolf that has a lot more backbone. What's funny is that I had a Proraso Red and a Blue but wanted to use something that not many others would've used. Despite all the praises that Voskhod receives, it didn't work for me. My beard is way too tough for it. Only 4 blades have worked for me so far and they're Feather, Gillette Nacet, both being top notch, Bic a couple of notches below. Astra Superior Stainless was okay but surprisingly the Wilkinson Sword worked well for me too (India made ones).

Anyway I still enjoyed the participation as always and I am looking forward to the next years'. By then I am sure I'll have tamed the Semogue 620. And I'll use a shaving cream that I'm already comfortable with. Blade is most likely going to be Gillette Nacet or Feather. See you all in FFFMM25.

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
My final March shave went well.


This has probably been the easiest Fixed Four I've done. For one thing, I picked gear which I had every right to expect would deliver both comfort and plenty of close shaves.

One of my very best brush purchases has got to be this Semogue LE three band. It is a truly lovely brush. Soft but not soft at a price.

If you don't have a Rocnel Elite, and want another razor, I strongly recommend the brass Elite. I find it pleasant to use, plenty effective, and a treat to look at and hold. Plus, my biceps are bigger than they were a month ago!


Thanks, Cal, for hosting this great event. Gus nailed it...

I’d like to thank @Cal for always running this thread with certified class and steely eyed conviction. It’s one of the few events that I actually look forward to participating in even though I sometimes kick myself in the tokus as I have to put a restraint on myself. All well worth it. Thank you as well to all that participated with some excellent pic’s of their shave gear including those that couldn’t make it all the way through. Better luck next time.

Thanks again, Cal, and thanks to everyone who participated, particularly those who posted pictures.

I hope the 2024 Fixed Four was a learning experience for you. It certainly was for me.

Happy shaves to all of you,

FFFMM 2024 Day 31, Shave 31:

Gillette Slim Adjustable set on #2 and #5
Blade: Gillette 7 O'Clock Green (1)
Soap: Williams Barbers' Bar Soap (60)
Brush: Semogue Excelsior 830

A fine shave with a fresh blade as another shaver crosses the FFFMM finish line!

Thanks to @Cal and to all the other shavers who have come along for the ride.

Happy Easter to all!


Remember to forget me!
The Fixed Four:
Shave 15 - roughly 74 hour growth

Soap: Phoenix and Beau Iceni
Brush: Edwin Jagger 19mm best badger
Razor: Game Changer 84-P head on Edwin Jagger DE3D14 handle
Blade: Wilkinson Sword Classic (16th shave)

The last shave of the Fixed Four month for me, and as I am now free of electronics dangling from my neck, I could lather freely. As such, and even though it wasn't really needed, I decided to finish with a leisurely (for me - maybe 5 minute shave time) three pass shave.

So what did I learn or achieve?

The blade was a safe choice. I didn't want to make this month too challenging, and this is the blade I measure all others against. It did me proud.

The soap was a safe choice too. Phoenix and Beau soaps work really well for me, although I have to say that the brush didn't always yield the full potential of this soap. The Iceni scent is enough to be interesting and pleasant for a whole month, without any risk of becoming tiresome.

The brush hasn't (as yet) become the brush I hoped it would. It has broken in a bit further, but at times it almost feels like it's breaking in at the wrong end of the knot. A stiff bristle on a flexi base. It isn't scritch free yet, but I think it has now passed peak scritch. I don't think it will ever be a favourite though.

The razor head was the main "challenge" aspect for me this month, as it was quite new to me. A generous gift from my good friend Cal. We (the razor and I) got along better once the blade had lost its initial bite, but with these Wilkie blades I definitely still prefer the 68-P version of this razor (another kind gift from Cal). However there are times where the 68-P simply isn't feisty enough, and having the 84-P on standby to step up to, is very welcome indeed. For example, when I return to the Lord blade I started in February (currently residing in my 68-P) it will be used in the 84-P, as the 68-P is too mellow a carrier to coax the best shaves from it.

Overall, the went rather well (aside from the surprise rush into A&E mid month - all fully recovered from now), and I achieved what I hoped for from the fixes four. Namely, understand the 84-P, coax the brush further through its break in, and not do myself too many mischiefs in the process. Thank you @Cal for the kind gifts of the razor, your continued friendship, and for once again being steward of this annual forum event.

For those of you who harbour a special personal significance for this weekend, besides returning to frenzied shaving kit fluctuations, I hope it delivers all that which you seek.
🧑‍🚀🌝🪐💫☄️ SOTD March 31st 🛰️🛸🚀📡🌞
FFFMM (Fixed Four For March Madness) 2024

Hello friends

Beautiful Sunday! Today I say goodbye to this incredible FFFMM 2024 with my thirteenth shave:

Greencult 2.0 plate II
Gillette Silver Blue (5)
SV Manna di Sicilia
Semogue SOC Mistura
Acqua Velva Musk

Thank you so much @Cal for organizing this incredible event. See you next year.

With us, the splendid Benny Golson and his spectacular tenor.

Rating: 10

Have a nice evening and great shaves!

Well I have not stopped by on this thread at all, but I played along and finished the month on a shave today.

Today's shave, 3 days of growth

Razor : Merkur 34 HD C
Blade : GSB (4)
Pre Shave : NA
Soap (SOTM) : Gillette Pure
Brush : Semogue 1305
Aftershave: Osma Alum block, Nivea calm moisturizer

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.

Shave 31. And, Easter, too. Here's the Bunny:

View attachment 1821459

He is the Rabbit who owns the Hole of Acquiring Shaving Gear. Now that we are off the Fixed Four, some might want to follow Mr Bunny here for some new stuff. :)


RADRabbit™ takes a great picture.

Who knew the Fixed Rules prohibit acquisitions during March?

This arrived during the Fixed.​

I've not used it yet.​

Happy shaves,


#14 in 2024 GRUYERE shave sebaticle

#22 GRUME March 2024

FFFMM. I never did this challenge and it taught me a few things. I learned some lessons about technique and consistency instead of switching things up all the time. I’m going to have to ponder that for a while but I’m going back to switching things up again for now.

Date: 03.31.24

Days growth: 7

Head and face shave

Razor: Gillette Slim

Blade: Gillette Silver Blue

Brush: Simpson 57 in best badger

Pre-shave: Hot shower using Johnson and Johnson on face and head with facial scrubber

Lather: Proraso Red soap

Passes: 2 WTG on setting 7 and ATG on setting 5

Post Shave Routine and products:

1 - Hot rinse with microfiber towel X2

2 - Cold rinse

3 - Alum block

4 - Cold rinse with microfiber towel X1

5 - Aftershave: Leu d Temp? by Issai Miake

6 - Balm: LEA 3in1

Notes: This was a great CCS for Easter. The last of fixed four for March madness.

Quality: 9

Comfort: 10


Overall: 9.6
FFMM 2024 Wrap Up

I completed 29 shaves during March with the Schick Dial Adjustable (M1) razor, Schick China blades, Semogue boar brush, and Stirling Almond Creme soap. I wanted to try the Schick adjustable injector razor on a variety of settings throughout the month. I found that razor gives a great shave no matter where I set the dial. I do notice a difference in blade feel in the various settings. Towards the end I was tempted to leave it set on 5, about mid range. One day I noticed that the blade felt better. Turns out that I had accidentally bumped the dial to 7. That became my new favorite setting. The dial adjusts the safety bar up and down. As others pointed out if you ride the cap, standard technique with injectors, then the blade gap makes little difference. The made in China Schick blades always perform well and last a long time. I only used two in March.

All in all it was a fun challenge. Thanks, Cal, for putting it on!


Lounging On The Isle Of Tugsley.
Oh. Hoping they have better luck next game. I meant March Madness is also associated with basketball. That’s all.

Yep. We have our Madness in March and they have theirs. Mad Marchness as I call it. :p

I was just wondering if anyone was into both and so extending our March thru to the end of their Madness.

I am following closely for the first time this year. NC State Men and Women are both in the Final Four for the first time, I think.

But, I ended the FFFMM yesterday, where I was using Dad's old Tech and his old Old Spice soap. I am back to my Fasan DoubleSlant and my own soap mixture. The brush and blade type remain the same. And this Four is my usual daily shave, which I thought didn't mean much of anything for FFFMM.

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