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Titan 1918 ACRO T.H.64

Higher-end Titan 7/8 straight razor made in Taiwan for about USD 70 (Aug. 2020) plus shipping on AliExpress.

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Titan have been manufacturing straight razors since 1918, first in Incheon, Korea, as a Japanese company before later moving to Taiwan. Final packaging and marketing is now based in Hong Kong. The blade is made from Japanese ACRO stainless steel in Taiwan by Titan 1918 with the following particulars:

Note: As these straight razors are individually hand made, there will be some variations in measurements between razors.

Steel hardness = 64 RHC
Edge Length = 68mm (2.68")
Blade width = 21.4mm (27/32" - almost 7/8)
Blade thickness = 0.24mm (0.009") at top of bevel
Grind = Half hollow(?)


Point = Dutch (round)
Mass = 92g (3.2oz)
Smile = 1.2mm (0.05")
Jimps = underside of shank only
Tang length (opened 90deg.) = 23mm
Balance = 10mm (0.39") from pivot pin away from blade when opened 180deg.
Spine thickness = 6.1mm (0.24")
Bevel angle = 19.1deg
Scales = Stainless steel sheathed each side in Madagascan Mahogany with stainless steel end caps both ends
Scales width at pivot pin = 12mm
Wedge = parallel stainless steel
Pins = nickel alloy
Scales thickness (max.) = 15mm (0.59") at about quarter length from pivot pin
Overall length = 160mm (6.3") closed and 244mm (9.6") open 180deg.
Overall height = 24mm (0.9") closed

The razor is supplied in a solid timber box with antique type latch.

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Face and shank markings are as shown.

Face Marks.jpg Shank Marks.jpg
The pivot pin is fitted with bronze washers either side of the shank.

Pivot Pin.jpg

When ordered from the Titan Shop on AliExpress, this razor comes with a dual leather/denim strop that is reviewed here.

Latest reviews

Pros: Better corrosion resistance than VG10 steel.
Higher hardness should give longer edge life than high carbon steel or VG10 steel blades.
Came with a properly set bevel that was done without tape.
Almost no hone wear as received.
Considering the price, the overall quality is very good.
Good (but not great) presentation box.
Not a cheap lower quality Chinese type straight razor.
As good or better than European razors costing twice as much.
Cons: Being a harder steel, it takes longer to refine the edge.
Razor is slightly heavier than comparable straight razors.
Blade does not have a mirror finish all over.
Jimps extend well past the pivot pin area.
Not for those who believe that good straight razors must cost hundreds of dollars.
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it took 24 weeks for this razor to reach me. Nine of those weeks was for PhilPost to ship it from Manila to Cebu (a one-hour flight away). Still, I was happy to receive it.

As for this razor, I checked the bevel as it was supplied and found that it was properly set, without the use of tape, and little spine wear. As supplied, the edge shaved arm hair with ease but needed further refiling to tree-top.

With the bevel already properly set, I went straight to my lapping film progression, starting off at 9um the 3um and finishing on 1um. At this stage, the edge was tree-topping with ease at about 10mm. The lapping film progression took about 50% more work to achieve the same results that I would get on a normal high carbon steel (HCS) blade. I put this down to this Titan ACRO blade having a hardness of 64 RHC compared to normal HCS having a hardness of 60 RHC or slightly less.

From the films, I went to diamond pasted balsa strops of 0.5um, 0.25um and finished on 0.1um. As the film lapping took about 50% more work, I also increased my balsa stropping by 50%. The end result was another atomic edge that tree-tops at about 20mm along its full length.

The manufacturer's final polishing of this blade was not perfect. Some faint grounding marks were still visible near the heal stabiliser on both sides. You can see these marks in the face markings photo in this review's overview. This is only cosmetic so I am not worried for the price I paid. Other than that, the overall quality is as good or better than European razors costing twice as much.

I haven't yet shaved with this razor, but once done, I will report back here.
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Lasting Edge
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4.00 star(s)
Easy to Sharpen
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Easy to Maintain
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Shaving Smoothness
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Correction, the scales are aluminum alloy (not stainless steel) sheathed in mahogany timber.
That is a long wait.
I recently put this SR through some light rehoning to remove a few faint scratch marks left on the bevel from my earlier less-experienced honing attempt. The edge was then finished again on diamond pasted balsa strops.

This SR now has the best edge in my SR stable. It may even outshine the new half Feather DE blade in my shavette!

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