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Gold Dollar 208 (2020 Model)

One of the better finished plastic scaled models of the standard Gold Dollar straight razors.

Item Description

The Gold Dollar 208 straight razor is manufactured by Ningbo Gold Dollar Razor & Scissors Manufacture Co., Ltd., Zhejiang, China. When purchased (November 2020) it was supplied in a cardboard case with magnetic closure.

Things to note are:
  • Single stabiliser only - earlier models had a double stabiliser​
  • The balance is well away from the pivot pin - unlike most other straight razors where the balance point is much nearer the pivot pin​
  • The razor is lighter than most of similar style due to the lightweight plastic scales​

Due to manufacturing quality control, there may be some variations to the following dimensions.​
Blade Material = High carbon steel​
Blade Hardness = 57 RHC​
Edge Length = 69mm (2.72")​
Blade width = 21mm (6/8)​
Spine Thickness = 6.18mm (0.24")​
Bevel angle = 19.5deg​
Grind = Half hollow​
Blade Thickness = 0.18mm (0.007") at top of bevel​
Smile = 1mm (0.04")​
Stabiliser = Yes, single only​
Tip = Dutch (round)​
Jimps = Underside of shank only​
Tail Length = 22mm opened 270deg​
Scales = Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, injection moulded​
Wedge = Integral with scales moulding​
Pins = Nickel alloy riveted, one at each end​
Scales thickness = 11mm (0.43") max near pivot pin​
Scale width at shank/tail = 12mm (½")​
Overall length = 163mm (6.42") closed and 249mm (9.80") open 180deg.​
Overall height = 26mm (1.02") closed​
Mass = 55g (1.9oz)​
Balance = 31mm (1.22") from pivot pin towards blade when opened 180deg.​

Straight Razor Profile

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Latest reviews

Pros: Very good steel
Hones easily
Cons: Lighter than what I am normally use too
Scales are a bit too flexible
Balance point is a long way away from the pivot pin being very need the shoulder
I bought this SR new for USD 8 + 2 shipping from China on Lazada, Philippines. This is one of the few SR's that comes with the @Slash McCoy seal of approval - so it must be good!

As often is found with "factory" edges, this SR was supplied sharp but not shave-ready (to my standard) and had a double bevel on both sides. I reset the bevel on a 1k synthetic and ran the razor through my honing progression, finishing up on diamond pasted balsa at 0.1um. It took all of about 30 minutes so it was easily done.


Being a relatively soft steel, this SR is easy to hone but will not hold its edge as long as some of the harder-steel SR's currently available.

My first shave with this razor was this morning and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the edge. Where I did have difficulty was in getting use to the balance point of this SR being so close to the blade's shoulder. I am more use to the balance point being much closer to the pivot pin.

The blade is well made however the scales leave a lot to be desired. The blade is well centred in the scales. The scales are very flexible and, if you are not careful, the edge can catch on the upper inner edge of the scales when closing the blade. If this happens, you will need to go back to the hones.

Am I tempted to put together a matching seven-day set of these razors? No, because of the poor scale quality.
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There is another review of this SR (although an older "model") here:

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