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Super Iridium and Polsilver Razor Blades

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I have some iridium and polsilver blades so i decided to collect them togather and make a quick review about them.


Super iridium blades product of St Petersburg Gillette . They are 10 individually double
wrapped with glue spots blades in a cardboard box. I bought them from UK based vendor when they are widely available 2 years ago. Main distributors from UK and Aussie.
They are quite sharp blades. it's sharpness is very close to the feather blades.
Super iridium shaves smoothly in most of my razors. In my Red tip super speed or my New Deluxe it gave smooth and comfortable shaves. Smoother than any other blade I've tried.
One Blade last me at least 8-10 quality shaves with no irritation. They have some glue spot same as other St Petersburg blades so we are sure they are come from same production line.The cardboard box has Wizamet logo. Someone says that Gillette Company stop the production of this blades so their value increasing day by day.


Recently find some polsilver Super iridium blades in here in Turkey... Price is little bit high because i bought from the Bulgarian bazaar. 100 Polsilver SI cost me 30 usd aprox, so this is really high price for the blades here because i know they are 8 usd / 100 blades in Bulgaria .But since i have no chance to go there at the moment so i bought from the local seller.
i tried some Polsilver Super iridium blades so i see that they are very close to the Super iridium blades shave.. i think if i put some polsilver super iridium blades to Super iridiums packs so very hard to understand which iridum is this. Why im talking like this because if you open the cardboard box than you will see that blades letter and characteristics are exactly same.. also on the cardboard box address is same..Both are manufactured by St petersburg Gillette. Polsilver Super iridium sold individually double wrapped 5 blades in a cardboard box .Difference is only Super iridium letters are little bit bold on the blade and Polsilver super iridium blades letters are little faded. Also distributors are different.. polsilver super iridium distributor from Poland but Super iridium Distrubutors from UK and Aussie..
At the end im sure that that are same blades only different packaged for different country markets. i read some threads about they are worst or bad blades recent years and buyers send back these blades to the poland seller and he refunded all costs.. i think the send back Polsilver blades are not the same blades with the current production of Polsilver blades.
Also i have to say that there are glue spots on the blades and smells little oily steel so these are exactly same production of green-yellow 7' o clock perma-sharp blades on the St Petersburg Gillette...

This blades are vintage polsilver DE blades and product of Lodz Wizamet factory in Poland before the P&G (Gillette ) own the company(1992). They are a little bit thick blades but sharp as at least todays blades .Cardboard box including 10 individually double wrapped polsilver blades without any glue spot, so they are not coming from St Petersburg Gilette im sure that.
I used to shave 5-6 with one blade.They are quite sharp but not smooth super iridiums or Dark Brown package polsilver blades.


The blades are Polsilver sharp but smooth and very comfortable shaver.
maybe not the sharpest blade as feather but forgiving blades as israeli crytals or swedish gillette. For sensitive and irritated skin they are ideal to shave everyday..Exactly 8-10 perfect shave with one blade. Maybe the best blade i have ever shaved
The Dark Brown cardboard box including 10 individually double wrapped razor blades.The box has a Wizamet logo. I meet first time with this blades two years ago, when my friend Eric sent me (from Usa) a pack of polsilver than recently a friend from the lovely spanish forum (foroafeitado.com) Patraix help me to find some polsilver blades from the Spain.Im not sure they are current products because i have checked with the old one in my stock so they are started same barcode numbers. Maybe they are NOS blades. Also this dark brown packs has a Wizamet logo on it.There are not any distributor or company name on the box.We know that they are under the P&G brand from the 90’s and producing in Lodz wizamet Sa Poland until 2005 from this date Gillette moved the polsilver production to the St Petersburg factory . I think these polsilvers producing for Eastern Europe in St Petersburg Gillette factory so we cant find them widely.
Finally im sorting them my like
2-Super Iridium
3-Polsilver Super Iridium
4-Vintage Polsilver.

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