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Semogue 730 Silvertip, Portugese Oak Handle

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These brushes don't seem to have gotten much attention here, probably because they're not widely distributed. Anyway, I like this brush a lot. It seems to be very high quality with a thick lacquer on the handle to improve water resistance and the metal cap holding in the knot, which not many brush makers use. The core of the knot is very stiff, it appears to have a glue channel like the BBE. However, the badger hair itself is very, very soft. Noticeably softer than the BBE by a good bit and leagues beyond a pure badger brush. Of course, that may be a good or bad thing depending on your personal preferences. If you prefer a super stiff brush for your hard soaps, this may not be for you. Personally, I like the super soft bristles and think this would be the ideal brush for face lathering a cream or shaving stick. Especially if you have skin that can't tolerate a more prickly brush.

The density is pretty good, but I wouldn't call this a super dense brush. There is enough hair in the knot to make it perform well. I believe the knot is 22 mm. If there is any knock against the brush, it's the little logo sticker on the handle. Mine started to peel off while I was in the shower and the brush was soaking. No bid deal, but I do wish they would stamp or paint the logo on so it's a little more permanent. Overall, very nice and worth checking out if you want a unique silvertip brush at a good price. The brush is also available with an acrylic handle that looks nice for a few more bucks. If you would prefer a fancier, more expensive version of this brush, I believe Vintage Scent is still taking some orders for a limited edition brush with a horn handle and special knot.

AFAIK, Semogue brushes are only available online at Vintage Scent and Rasage Poulin. I've purchased items from both vendors and recommend them without hesitation.

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I've been using my Semogue 730 silvertip for a couple of weeks now, and I'm ready to give it a review.

After reading all of the high praise bestowed upon silvertips by B&B members, I just had to see what all the fuss was about. I decided to add a silvertip to my collection (which until then consisted of an Omega boar, and a mystery "Made in Switzerland" mixed Badger/Boar brush). I did a lot of research, and chose the Semogue.


Price: This brush represents an excellent value. I got mine for $60(Canadian) at Rasage Poulin. In fact, I don't think that there is another silvertip of this quality available for that kind of money.

Quality: Nice oak handle with thick varnish coating. I know that there are some guys who shy away from a wooden handle (possibility of cracking), but the varnish on this thing is really thick. This brush is a good size, coming in at 4 1/4 inches (2 1/8" handle, 2 1/8" loft). The brush shed a total of 5-6 hairs the first couple of times I used it. None since then.

Density: Good density here. 22mm knot is not the most dense available, nor is it the least. It's right in the middle.

Stiffness of Tips:Nice and pliable, but not too much so. This is not a "flopsy" brush.

Softness of Tips: This is what ultimately sold me on this brush. It is incredibly soft, and has only become softer in the couple of weeks that I've been using it. This brush feels amazing on my face.

Ergonomic: This is a subjective call, and for me the handle of the Semogue is just right. Easy to get a good grip and work the lather both in the bowl and on the face.

Latherability: Man does this thing lather! Every cream and soap I've tried with this brush has just exploded in the bowl. I've tried it with the following creams: Trumper's Rose, Speick, Musgo Real, Edwin Jagger Sandlewood, and Nivea. And the following soaps: Institute Karité, Col. Conk Amber. As long as the soaps had a little pre-soaking they lathered just as easy as the creams.

I am 100% sold on silvertip badger brushes. This brush is incredibly luxurious on the face, and makes tons of lather on demand. Hype justified!
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