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I ordered the Saint Charles Shave Heavy Mug as an special for Badger and Blades forum. It came with a nice fragrance soap (more on the soap later)
I 'm a soap shaver and my first reaction when opening the box and seeing the size of the item wrapped in a nice red tissue paper was that they made a mistake and sent a scuttle instead. Also a nice cologne fragrance permeated the room.
It is a really large mug, very elegant in glossy black with the SCS logo in silver. In the bottom of the mug was a tightly fitted puck of soap. The idea is that you put hot water in your sink and rest the mug in the sink with some hot water over the soap where you can rest yor brush. after the shower, soap, brush and mug are nice and toasty.
After pouring the water off the mug, I worked a nice lather with a few swirls, once interesting note is that the soap itself spin inside the mug but does not comes out; that is how tight it is placed. The soap is muy slick and I felt that there was not need of after shave after. That is how moisturizing it was.
You take the mug out by the wide handle lather your face and return it to the hot water at the bottom of the sink. If the water cools, just refill with hot tap water, no need of boiling water. My only concern is to find a puck large enough to fit the mug, I'm sure Sue will have them available. I don't remember the name of the soap or if it was listed in the package there was a little card attached to the handle that I discarded without reading.
If you don't drop it it should last forerver (I mean the mug, not the soap :biggrin:)
I prefer mugs to wood containers and large pucks will work nicely inside this bowl if you don't become addicted to the SCS soap included. It will be nice if Sue offers different flavors refills for this mug like Very V soap.
I think it is a simple idea at a very good price

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I won the black one for Halloween. the mug is large, well that is an understatement. It is huge. It is heavy as well. the only thing I do not like is the single finger handle, well at least for my hands.
the soap that came with it, while not a favorite scent of mine did a wonderful shave job.
I like the mug more as a keepsake decoration.
Being a long time wet shaver I am always looking for the better lathering vessel. I am rather tall with large hands. I also prefer brushes that fall into the small to medium size catagory. Consequently, I need a lathering vessel that will accomodate my hand size and not make me feel like I am lathering inside of a soup can. This mug does the trick and at the right price. First, the mug is large enough to be comfortable without being too heavy or wide. It is deep enough that you will never have to worry about the lather slopping out of the bowl. I have an oval sink and it does great sitting in the water at least half way up the side of the mug without any floating problem whatsoever. I have not actually weighed it (I believe Sue has posted the weight on her website or on a post in this forum) but it probably comes in at around 3 lbs + and is 5.25" wide at the top by 3.50 " deep with a 3" base. It has no tendency to slip around a water filled sink and does not experience the tendency to want to slip over towards a running tap. I am not a scientist, but, I imagine that in order for an empty mug not to float in a fully filled sink the weight would have to be twice as heavy. This would make the mug unmanageable. The mug heats quickly and retains the heat from the surrounding water well. Finally, it looks great. The logo is classy and as an added bonus, you don't feel like you stole it from the kitchen cabinet.
I bought the white version of this mug and I had high hopes for it.

Price: Mug/Soap/Shipping less than $20.
Quality: It's a nice looking, heavy mug, Made in China.
Performance: It's a big mug and holds lots of lather. I found it a bit too deep for my brush.
Usefulness: It's great for those who like to lather in a large mug, but it's a bit too big to let it rest in the sink to warm.
Durability: It's very heavy and well made.
Packaging: Arrived well packed and VERY quickly.

The soap included was the 'Barbershop' scent which I didn't care for so I melted it out of the mug. It's a nice mug and you can generate a ton of lather in it. That being said, two things keep me from using it. One is the size. It's so big, that it takes up most of the sink. The other is that it floats like a big boat when you take the soap out of the bottom. That means I have to lower the water level even more and the crowded sink becomes even more crowded.

BUT......If you're not looking for warm lather, this is the mug to buy. You can set it beside the sink and whip up some nice lather. The handle is perfectly placed, it has enough heft to stay put on the counter, and the sides are nice and tall to hold that lather in place.
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