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Pinaud Medicated Talc

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Great product for those with sensitive skin, turns irritation into smoothness in no time. Also the tingle you get from this product is spectacular. After shaving around my beard as usual I experienced a little redness, I have never used talc before but WOW I will be using this product for the rest of my life!

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I love this stuff! The wonderful Clubmen scent in a talc. I use it daily
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tigerblades;1055194 said:
I purchased this yesterday to take a little shine off the face, but my skin is too dark, so it makes me look like a theatre minstrel. Used it down south and it kept me cool all day!:thumbup1:

I am literally standing in a CVS reading this review on my phone before buying clubman talc, and this post made me laugh to an attention-grabbing degree for six aisles both ways.
topcattcw;1005607 said:
Unfortunately Talc is a proven carcinogen.. damn - I used to love talc too !:frown:
I've heard the main danger is ovarian cancer. Ya better keep it out of your panties :eek:

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