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Vulfix Sicilian Lime

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This product is splendid!

Price: I gave this product an 8 since its not very expensive however its not cheap like a puck of Williams Mug Soap either, however the 15.99$ I spend for this item from classic shaving was more than worth it!

Quality: Much like their brushes this product carries the same attention to detail therefore the 10 is well deserved however I wish I could give this product a 20 on 10 for this category.

Scent: I got the Sicilian Lime variety and let me tell you the scent is invigorating, it is however unlike any other lime scent.

Latherability: INCREDIBLE nothing short of a 10!

Efficacy: again a perfect 10.

Moisturizing Properties: This product really took well on my sensitive skin, good slickness that I found simply allowed the blade to just glide across my skin.

Packaging: The tub it comes in is HUGE! I like the twist off top that allows for easy manipulation.

Stay tuned for my next post in regards to the Persian Musk.

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In the 30yrs that I have shaved, I have only used shaving soaps. Thanks to the internet, I have graduated to the high end triple mills. This Vulfix Sicilian Lime shaving cream was my first shaving cream purchase and I love it. Why did I chose this scent over others, It was the southern Italian in me. My first impression with this cream is the explosive and quick lathering that I got from my 26mm knot Vulfix brush, and the fine lime pleasurable scent. A perfect scent for the sunny hot summer day. Shaving is close and comfortable, and I notice excellent moisturizing properties. For the past year and a half, I had bought no other creams therefore I could not make any comparisons. That is until recently. Now I have tried other top end shaving creams and I am qualified to say it is comparable to the best of them. Generally speaking, to me, I find all high quality and establish shaving soaps and creams brand that have been around for at least a time proven fifty years, is to be a safe bet that those products will be very satisfying to all, except the most discriminating. To me, at top level, the deciding factor is personal taste.
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Hello, I saw your reference to Vulfix Musk shaving cream and wondered if you had every had a chance to comment on it. Any comments would be welcome.
This stuff is INCREDIBLE!! I love using it!! :thumbup:

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