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Since I started reading Badger and Blade I have wanted to try one of the "three Ts", and I especially wanted to try some of Geo F Trumper's products. The soaps, even just the refills, are around $17 each, so trying multiple products can really run up your tab fast.

What can a person do? They can purchase the sampler, directly from Geo F Trumper.

Upon arriving, you'll have a lovely pouch, with the Geo F Trumper name and logo. Empty the pouch, and you'll see something like this:

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Everything comes packaged in bubble wrap, so I had no concerns about the contents breaking during shipment from the UK. The contents of the pouch are:

Shaving Cream Samples (5ml)
  • Almond
  • Rose
  • Coconut Oil
  • GFT Original

Skin Food/Conditioner (25ml)
  • Coral
  • Extract of Limes

Colognes/EDT (1ml, Fragrances are said to vary)
  • Marlborough
  • Portugal
  • Geo F Trumper Signature
  • Eucris
  • Milk of Flowers
  • Ajaccio Violets

  • Almond Oil Soap (25ml)
  • Bar soap (small, floral)

Well, that's what's inside the bubble wrap, and unwrap it all and you'll see something like this:

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The quality of the bottles and jars is great. The shaving cream is in small glass jars, and the cologne is in small glass tubes with plastic stoppers/applicators. The Skin Food and Body Wash are in plastic bottles, but that's forgivable in trade for their larger size. The pouch also appears to be linen, which is a very nice touch. I see myself keeping the pouch around for travel purposes.

The only problem I had on shipping was the Rose shaving cream sample was slightly loose, and a tiny bit leaked out of the jar. Not much, just enough to give the bubble wrap a nice scent.

The one complaint I had about this whole package is the amount of cream in the sample jars. It's a small gripe, but they are inconsistently filled. I received about half a jar of Almond and Rose, but mostly filled jars of Coconut and GFT.

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See what I mean?

To explain my scoring:

Price, Quality, Usefulness, Durability, and Packaging are fairly obvious. The quality of the products and packaging, as well as the presentation of the sampler is very good. I knocked the Quality down by one, due to the inconsistency of the shaving cream amounts, but only one point. Performance I rated as a 10, simply because I didn't want the rating to go down because of it. I haven't used any of the products yet (besides the skin food), but the Trumper products are highly rated and I can't imagine the sampler being any different than the full-sized ones. Especially since they're the same thing.

Overall I think this is a bargain. The amount of product you get for $6 US (4 pounds, plus VAT (Value Added Tax), but we don't pay VAT in the states). You're basically getting a free sample, but paying for the shipping. Or you're paying for the sample and getting free shipping.

The only thing I could ask is for them to offer small portions of their milled soaps in their sampler. But I can't imagine this leading to anything other than the purchase of more Geo F Trumper products. I wanted to post this review because even though the Trumper website tells you what's in the sampler, it doesn't show you what you'll get. Now you know, and it's definitely worth $6.

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I got my sampler pack a couple of weeks ago and one of the edt viles was completely empty, 2 of the 4 creams were only half full and they are small to begin with, the sandalwood cream was dry and hard ( but I already have this cream) Even with all of this I am happy i purchased this, I just wish they would have included the coconut oil cream and GFT cream because I already have sandalwood and the limes just doesn't smell good. I even requested the coconut and gft but I guess it is completely random and they are already packaged when ordered.
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4.00 star(s)
My sample pack included:
Lime, sandalwood, and coral skin foods.
Rose, GFT, almond oil, and coconut oil creams.
Almond oil body wash.
An unmarked bar of soap.
Wild fern, spanish leather, curzon, wellington, eau de quinine, and lavender water colognes/edts.

The creams were, as noted above, filled to different degrees, but I find them to be denser than some others and there was plenty for 2-3 shaves at least in each.
The real winner for me was the skin food, I have some lime on the way right now.:thumbsup:
I think I'll be ordering another and asking for some sandalwood cream and cologne. The almond oil cream smelled so good I wanted to put it on a cupcake instead of my face. Seriously, a female friend said she had to resist the urge to taste it. :w00t: I should add to that two things, I'm not sure it will have that effect out of the jar, and I'm a happily married man.
Again, well worth it.
For those asking about cost & shipping time, I ordered my samples last Monday, and they arrived here in NYC today (Monday), so 1 week from order to arrival. Total credit card charge was $6.61, shipping included.

No linen bag, but a nice little paper gift bag and the following:

Coconut oil shave cream
Almond shave cream
Rose shave cream
GFT shave cream

Coral skin food
Lime skin food
Sandalwood skin food

Almond oil body wash
Some kind of body soap

Astor cologne
Wild fern cologne
Marlborough cologne
Curzon cologne
Wellington cologne
Eucris EdT

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