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Floris Conditioning Shave Cream- Elite

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I got a MASSIVE sample of this, I mean as samples go, theres plenty for a LOT of shaves. I may buy it again, it's that good (although it isn't Sandalwood).

It gives a lovely creamy, slick, thick lather, with a scent that EXPLODES when you start lathering it with a hot brush. It is their Elite fragrance, but rather sweeter than the EDT- a little more floral too: is this due to the chamomile extract in the cream? It certainly is skin conditioning and protective: as good as Musgo, though a very different aroma, leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.

I do find it to shave less close than a soap, but that's made up for by the fact that the lather is so much richer and more luxurious, and its skin-conditioning properties so good.

I think this would be a good recommendation for a first cream: its easy to lather and really slick, and very kind to the skin. I think it would probably be very forgiving of poor technique. Only downside is the very steep price, but it's well worth it.

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I just tried a sample of this today and was quite impressed with the performance. I got a very close and comfortable shave. As noted by other posters, it only took a small amount to whip up a good batch of lather. I noted that it took more water than any other cream I've used - I would speculate that perhaps some of the people who didn't get good results didn't use enough water. I didn't care for the scent- it was too flowery/girly for me.

I tried the Elite sample from Floris today. The creme lathered easily building more than I needed. It also cushioned well and and seemed to moisturize my dry face. The lather leaves behind no slick residue so you need a bit more lather to hit a missed spot. Also I did find out one thing I do not like the scent of the creme at all....It reminds me of "Old Lady Smell" :eek:
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I agree with this last post. While the cream lathered very well, it did not offer much protection. Proraso is cheaper and offers much more protection. The Floris scent was nice, but could not make up for the lack of slick protection.

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